18th Jun 2004, 23:54

Nabira and Zafira.

They are the same actually.

Previously the Zafira was marketed in Malaysia using the Opel Zafira branding. However, heard of the poor performance of the dealership in Malaysia and GM decide to rebrand the car Chevrolet Nabira.

They could have named it Chevrolet Zafira. From what I overheard, the word "Zafira" has a not so good meaning in Islam. M'sia being a Muslim country, Nabira was an alternative. But I could be wrong.

Other than that, it is the same car that comes out of Thailand plant.

How do I know? I drive an Opel Zafira and has few acquaintances in M'sia who are Nabira owners.

20th Dec 2004, 02:01

I am driving a Chevrolet Nabira in Malaysia. Just bought it 7 months ago.

It's excellent, spacious, and fulfills my family dreams to get an MPV car.

My problem is it's very difficult to get a spare part component for my right side mirror, which was damaged by motorcycle clash two months ago. I'm ordered it through Hicomobil, but until now (more than 2 months) I haven't received it, and last week I was informed that the price has suddenly increased to Ringgit Malaysia 595.00, compared to RM 492.75 two months ago. I don't know what to do, and I tried to get it from workshops in Singapore and Malaysia.

Maybe other readers can help me to solve this problem.

Thank you. Alias - Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

28th Dec 2004, 08:01

In comparison with the other mpv's in Malaysia, the price could be considered as reasonable. It's a good all round family car. But the main down turn is the difficulties of getting the spare parts. Hicomobil have to do something about this so that the respected customers will feel secured. Should anything happened, it can be repaired immediately without the hassle of having to wait for 2-3 agonizing months for the spare parts.

7th Jan 2005, 00:31

I've decided to buy this MPV after doing some surveys considering my medium size family. The other MPV with similar range of prize are quite bulky although they have the spacious space. In addition this will be a single car that I will also use to work. Some views or comments are required for the use of the roof compartment whether the may give impact to the car performance or handling. The reason being if we're traveling will full 7 seat occupied, the rooftop compartment is required for luggage.

23rd Jan 2005, 01:12

The interior panel is quite plain and boring. Is there any accessory (e.g wooden panel) available if I want to replace it to make it look nicer?

15th Feb 2005, 16:49

I've driven the Opel Zafira for tha last 2 yrs. I've had no problems with it and it's a great car. Can someone tell me whether Chevrolet Nabira's parts can be used in toto? They need to be changed eventually. Is there any third party workshop that is confident to do the servicing and/or repairs?

8th Aug 2005, 13:34

Want to know more about Chevrolet's car, prices, model and promotion this independence month please email me at farha_faizal@yahoo.com.

25th Feb 2006, 10:02

Hi, I purchased Nabira in April'05 from one of the authorized dealer in Klang, Selangor. I've made a few comparison between some of these dealers in Klang Valley especially how many offer they can give. Finally, I was able to get the following items as offered : leather seat, LCD display and vcd player without any extra cost. My advice is please make comparison when you want to purchase this MPV.

The problem with this car is very hard to get the spare part or it may take a few months to get it. Another thing is : when the engine get hot, it makes a loud noise. Is it normal?

22nd Dec 2006, 18:39

Hi, got my Chevrolet Nabira since Nov 2003 when it was launched in Malaysia. I fully agreed with the high price of spare parts and most shop don't stock them. The other bad experience I encountered were the service knowledge of the service center. They don't seem to know anything.

3rd Apr 2007, 08:03

Bought Zafira Feb 2002. The alternator failed twice around 2 years gap. Cost me RM3,000 each. 3 month ago had to replace the belt tensioner cost me RM800. Two days back the ignition key unit jammed. Cost me RM600 to fix. The driver arm-rest broken can't find parts to fix or replace. I guess that's the price I have to pay for choosing an "exotic car" in Malaysia.

6th Oct 2007, 15:14

Hi guys...

I'm actually thinking of getting used Nabira. Never get into/drive this car yet, but fall into it's outside look, and price for 2nd hand quite cheap. But after found out the difficulties of getting spare parts/repairs, now I should change my mind. Any opinion guys...

26th Mar 2008, 18:52

In England they advertise this with two confusing accented boys being the owners and drivers. They appear to insult their parents and sit around on chairs eating pork pies from the north of England. I wonder if this the sort of example the Zafira should be setting for young people. Driving and families is a serious business, and this advertising shows great dishonour.

The word Zafira is Arabic as many of us know, and it means success.

10th Apr 2011, 13:54

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10th May 2011, 03:37

Ecotec Sunway is the way to go, no doubt about it. I have been driving this car since 2005 and loving every minute of it.

I was looking for something to replace my E36 but with a large space and this was the one... the Conti Feel! Parts may be expensive, but it's the value for money compared to the eastern parts.

And Ecotec helps a lot in that department.