1987 Chevrolet Nova 1.6 Litre Four Cylinder from North America


Toyota reliability without the overvalued price tag attached


-Bad Fuel Pump



-Typical Toyota rust

-Rear window won't roll all the way up.

General Comments:

Engine runs like a top, very smooth reliable power plant. Acceleration for a small eighties car is pretty decent. Handling isn't too great but acceptable. The car stops decent enough and the interior quality is pretty good for the decade.

The bad thing about this car, like other Toyota products (which is essentially what this car is) is the poor quality rust proofing. It is pretty well swiss cheesed from 21 years of Wisconsin winters, I think another winter and it will be time to go to the scrap yard.

Fuel economy is very lackluster for such a small car. Average is about 26 mpg, got a high of 30 mpg once. Compared to my old Chevy Caprice which got 25 mpg out of a 5.7 litre V-8 this engine is not very efficient for it's little 1.6 litre displacement. My four wheel drive AMC Eagle got pretty darn close to the same fuel economy as this vehicle. For everyone shouting about how great Toyota fuel economy is, I would have expected much better.

Breakdowns have been nil, just a blown brake line so far. At 25 bucks purchase price I can't complain about much. It gets me where I want to go in one piece reliably.

All in all not a bad car.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2008

1987 Chevrolet Nova 1.6L in-line 4 cylinder from North America


Nice little car from point A to point B


The only thing that went wrong with the NOVA or CHEVOTA, is the alternator went bad, which cost me $150 American.

The total cost for the CHEVOTA is about $400 American. Not bad for a first car.

The NOVA currently has 1832256.5 miles on it, and still run perfectly well.

When I bought the car, I was told that the carburetor was the first one that was put in it, like it came with the car 21 years ago... well anyways, the car runs nice and I would love to own another Chevy one day.

General Comments:

It's a nice little car, gets me from point A to point B. No exactly a speed machine, like maybe 100HP, nothing more.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2006

27th Jul 2006, 09:32

This car is basically a Toyota Corolla. If you think you want to own a brand new Chevy and have that kind of reliability, you might as well go to your Toyota dealership.

30th Jul 2006, 01:32

These cars are good value. You pay a Chevy price for Toyota quality. I've seen them with well over 350,000 miles and still running strong with no major rebuilds, only routine maintanence. When it's time to trade up, I'd recommend a Geo/Chevy Prism. Same thing, Chevy name on a Toyota Corolla, but it's a much newer model.

1987 Chevrolet Nova from North America


A good little car


The main thing that is wrong with this car is it tends to flood after I've driven it around all day, I really have no idea why is does this, but in order to get it started, I have to spray carb cleaner. Other than this, this car is in excellent condition. How can I keep it from flooding?

General Comments:

I bought this car from a 96 year old family friend, she had told me that she bought it new in 87, and indeed when she gave me the title, it showed as previous owner, Rudolph Chevrolet was listed. The interior is an good shape, all I really have to do is get a paint job, other than that, I plan to have this baby for a while.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2006

18th Feb 2006, 02:23

Yeah those things last forever as they were made by Toyota and are basically a 1980's Toyota Corolla with the Chevy name, sold for a Chevy price. I've seen them with well over 350,000 miles and still going strong.

22nd Sep 2013, 12:15

Hi there. Sounds like a carburetor problem. National Carburetor sells one for your car at around $230, plus a deposit until send them one back in return.