11th Jan 2017, 11:36

The best Novas in my opinion are from 68-72. Best selling was a Yenko that sold for 110k. The car the factory wouldn't build. Went to Yenko in Canonsburg Pa. Much like Calloway does today with a brand new Corvette straight from the factory. A nice factory 69 SS Nova 4 speed has sold for over 40k. But that's only money comments. The 69 is my favorite with the 396 SS 4 speed. The earlier Nova and 67 Chevy II are yet another favorite. Everybody likes what they like. A 6 or a 350 car with air is a nice family driver as well. Very nice styling, even into the late 70s.

11th Jan 2017, 21:34

I never cared for late-Sixties styling trends on most cars, personally. The NUMMI Nova was not much of a looker, either, but it didn't seem to be trying at that. At least the later car was dead-nuts reliable. To be fair, I admit this might be comparing apples to oranges -- a badge-swapped Corolla and a '69 SS appeal to vastly different audiences. This is especially true now that no one needs to rely on a 50-year-old car as daily driver. I would not want either as a hobby car, but a Corollova would still make a fine winter beater.

11th Jan 2017, 23:01

Hands down, any of those Novas from 1962-1979 were better than this pseudo-Corolla that was sold later as an unworthy successor.

12th Jan 2017, 10:24

A person that can afford a true SS late 60s Big Block 4 speed Nova usually can well afford modern transportation. They may easily have 2 or 3 other cars. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just responding to the best Nova comment. Best to one person may mean A to B daily drivers that are economical to operate. Best to others are the top of line, highest value, most desirable ever produced. Personally I think the models 66-67 have really great body lines. Especially Chevy II models. Very clean, sanitary, sharp body lines. It's hard to even find a decent example under 30k anymore. I would rather see a model retired than rebadging a model that had a fine history. My aunt bought a new Pontiac Ventura with the 350. I got to drive it and thought it was a pretty nice looking car. Especially with mags. Essentially a Nova in different sheet metal and worthy of a look as well. Good luck with your Novas.