2004 Chevrolet Optra from North America


Worth every penny


The car is awesome.

General Comments:

I read all these terrible comments about this car, and I thought I would do my best to stick up for it. I have had a Chevrolet Optra (2004) since I bought it brand new. The only thing I have had to do to it is brakes, tires, a headlight and basic oil changes. Last year I put a thermostat in it that cost me $100.

I just wanted to say that there are a few bad cars in any batch, but based on what I have been through with this car, it has been awesome. With 225000km's on it and basic upkeep, I don't know that I could ask for a better car... in that class of course.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2012

29th Oct 2012, 13:57

I have a 2004 Chevy Optra, and since I bought it, I have had nothing but problems with it. I think it's a garbage car, and would have never bought it if I knew I would have had so much trouble with it.

18th Feb 2015, 19:26

Just purchased 2004 Chevy Optra. Love it! But it seems I am only getting just about 300 kilometers per gas tank. My Neon got over 500+ km per tank (I could drive over 105 Km on empty) with E3 spark plugs in it. So I am going to put in E3 spark plugs & have the fuel injectors cleaned & see if I get better miles per tank. But so far I just love it!

From: Dugg Cunningham, Ontario, Canada

2004 Chevrolet Optra from North America


This car could be your funeral


Where to begin, I'll probably forget something.

Get the car, and weeks later a window will not go down. 200 bucks to fix, as a used car receives no warranty with GM.

Bought 4 snow tires.

Fuel pump failed.

Water pump failed. Was replaced along with timing belt and brakes (all coolant lost, causing overheating on the highway).

Bought 4 new all season tires.

Water pump failed again.

Continued to lose coolant regularly (another overheat).

The car won't turn on, needs a new battery, spark plugs and wires (understandable).

Engine light has been on almost as long as I've had the car.

Every morning is a struggle to turn the car on (or if it's been off more than a couple of hours).

Good luck!

General Comments:

Was great for a while, good on gas and cute. Now I'm just waiting for whatever is coming next, and since I do a lot of highway driving, I am constantly scared something is about to happen.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2012

24th Jan 2012, 19:46

Buying new tyres for the appropriate season isn't a fault, sorry.

24th Jan 2012, 22:59

Try to sell or trade in, while you still can!!

17th Feb 2012, 14:58

HAHA, crap, I have this car, and I have experienced everything you just mentioned, AND MORE! I can't believe other people have all of these problems. I just got EVERYTHING fixed.

- Valve cover gaskets

- Head gaskets

- Fuel pump

- Water pump

- Front and rear brakes

- Thermostat

- Exhaust manifold

And I'm probably forgetting something -- I have a friend who's boyfriend is a mechanic, so thankfully it didn't cost too much. But now, I think I have an oil leak. Great.

Honestly, screw this car, and screw Chevy for taking the Daewoo in and selling it. The only reason I am still driving this POS is because I am a student and can't afford much of anything else. As soon as I am making money, I say out with the old and in with the new.

2004 Chevrolet Optra from North America


Total deception and waste of money


My head gasket blew at 103000 km, and another time at 137000, many issues with the car. All parts are purchased from dealer only, and imported.

General Comments:

This car is a lemon all the way, and Chevrolet know it. I am disappointed.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2010

10th May 2016, 22:52

When the head gasket was replaced the first time, was this replaced at the dealer under warranty? Was the head checked if it had warped and were new head bolts used? I have found that when I have replaced head gaskets, made sure the head isn't warped, and new head bolts are used, that the new head gasket will far outlast the original.