2004 Chevrolet Optra LX Sedan 1.7L from North America


Great value and a great car!


To date, all I have had to change is the serpentine belt in the car (the timing belt?) and I have once replaced the brakes and the tires (fairly routine for any vehicle) so *knocks on wood* Nothing wrong has happened yet!

General Comments:

It drives very nicely! The suspension is very soft, yet seems to handle well on turns. The engine is lacking some horsepower, perhaps, but it still runs smoothly once at speed.

The heating system in the car is also quite terrible, being a Daewoo (car actually made by Daewoo/also known as the Daewoo Lacetti) and being designed for southern climates, it's understandable, and the air conditioner works like a dream!

One complaint I do have about the car, is that the brake pedal seems fairly soft, and I know that it is speed sensitive, and also the faster you push on it, the harder it is for emergency stop situations, but I still would prefer a hard brake pedal all the time.

Other than that, I am in love with the car. I do LOTS of traveling, and it hasn't done me wrong in years! I will get the new Optra, which will be renamed the Chevrolet Cruz when it comes out. This car will also be a Daewoo product, and has been released in Japan and a few other countries, and has great reviews, not to mention the fact that it's SEXY!

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2008

2004 Chevrolet Optra from North America


Don't bother with it!


Dealers will not touch the car and it is a lease!

General Comments:

The car has been good in the fact that it has never broken down.

The fact that the heater pushes out warm air (never hot) in the winter and the A/C is so weak it never cools the car in the summer, I can't wait for the lease to be done.

I tried to have the dealer look at it, but I couldnt even find a dealer that would change a bulb since it is covered under the warranty I find that strange. Apparently since it is a DAEWOO no one wants anything to do with it. The gas mileage is very poor and it is slow slow slow. I took a chance on a chevy since my wife`s family always buys them, but I am going back to Honda!

Oh and a good piece of info regarding the car is the resale value is nothing... according to the blue book they are only worth around 6grand, the buy out on the lease (if I even would) is 14 grand. WOW!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008

3rd Oct 2011, 14:06

I agree with your comments! Now the Black Book value is 3200, and that is only if the vehicle is in immaculate condition, interior and exterior with no accidents etc… And no other dealers want the car for a trade in.

2004 Chevrolet Optra Base from North America


Good reliable car


Clutch master cylinder failed, GM service bulletin fix available.

General Comments:

I have owned an 2004 Optra, and I have very little negative feedback.

The only problem I had that made the car undriveable was the clutch master cylinder failure, of which there was a GM service bulletin to repair, which I was made aware of (I worked at the dealer) before the problem happened. When it got really cold outside (-40 C), the master cylinder would stop working and the clutch would stay engaged.

The only other issue I noticed, is that when I had the oil changed at a service center other than the GM dealer, the oil plug leaked because they did not replace the plug gasket/washer.

I have not replaced the timing belt yet, but I am going to at the next service.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2008

2nd Sep 2008, 14:07


I read your article about the '04 Chevrolet Optra.

Not sure where you got the information about the Clutch Master Cylinder seizing.

I called GM and asked about it and they say that there is no such recall for the Chevrolet Optra standard version or automatic version.

Can you please send information about the recall you found and give me the transport Canada Recall Number so that I can find out and get it done on my car.

I know of the Transport Canada Recall Number: 2007315; Units affected: 33,865 2004-2006: on the daytime running lights.

I know of the Transport Canada Recall Number: 2005021; Units affected: 23,507 (includes Chevrolet Epica) 2004: regarding the stop lamp on brakes.

I know of the Transport Canada Recall Number: 2007255; Units affected: 9, which talks about the seat belts problem.

Please post updated add about this, I will check in every few days.