7th Jun 2007, 09:39

Definitely is not a good car, i encountered too much problems with my optra 2005.

23rd Feb 2008, 21:28

I have a 2004 Chevy Optra LS. Two Days ago my head lights (low Beams) just stop working, then yesterday while I was at work the lights came on by themselves, I had to take the battery off in order to get them to shut off so that it wouldn't kill my battery, then today everything stopped working, Gas Gage, car temperature, odometer, speedometer, RPM's nothing will work, I have no warranty as I leased it 2nd hand and my 30 day warranty was up in Sept. I thought I was getting a great car, but I'm am learning that this car has more problems then I could dream of.

26th Feb 2008, 10:45

I also own a 2004 Optra and have electrical problems galore. One of my headlights burns out about every 4 months. My drivers side power window won't work at all. I can't get my window down. My rear defog doesn't work nor does my cig. lighter. The power locks don't even work so I can't lock my car.

I just went to the dealers about the electrical recall to the headlights. It seems my bulbs blowing out has nothing to do with it. What a funny coincidence...

27th Feb 2008, 07:33

I bought a 2004 Optra hatchback, and have nothing but praise for it! it gets me where I'm going, and I have travelled to some pretty rough places. 32 hours over dirt roads (one way) took it toll on the tires, but the car ran great. I have never had to take it in for any repairs. I kept a record of regular maintinence. For me, this car is a keeper!!!

11th Mar 2008, 23:52

I have a 2005 Optra5 which I purchased new 2 1/2 years ago. I currently have 35000kms on the car and I've only had small issues, none which could be considered at all serious. I found the shift on the automatic transmission to be "clunky" at speeds of around 50km, so I took it in to the dealer and they reprogrammed the firmware. Now it shifts super smoothly, however, I did lose some acceleration due to the fix (well worth it though). My struts creak and groan in cold weather, but it doesn't bother me. Overall the car is a joy to drive and has been very reliable. If GM was still selling I would buy another. I had the "opportunity" to rent a Cobalt recently and I was so disappointed in it compared to my Optra. The Cobalt's blower motor rattled, as did the dash. The windows were hard to crank and the car was not near as much fun to drive (the Optra drives lighter with more responsive steering). I think GM should have dropped the Cobalt... :)

15th Aug 2008, 14:54

What a variety of problems and fixes. I have a 2004 optra LS. For the first 3 years it was a fine car to own. Once the 3 year standard warranty expired, the sky fell in. Outside of the usual serpentine belt and brake work, it seemed fine, until. a gasket in the stat housing let go causing a coolant leak. Although annoying, some of these things happen. Then the theft alarm started going off on it's own. Mostly on a gusty, windy day. Ironically, the mechanics couldn't set it off when the had it in the shop. After 2 trips to the dealership no results on a fix. I contacted GM and they suggested we disconnect it. Great theft alarm. At 65000 km, the Thermostat seized up an the engine overheated. No alarm lights, no bells or whistles, just quit. total cost to replace over $300.00. At 67000 km a miss developed that stumped the mechanics. After 2 trips to the garage, they replace the spark plugs. Total cost for this fix was $319.00. Now at 69000 km, the head gasket has blown. Having lost faith in the dealership, I took it to a Gm trained, Master Mechanic. His diagnosis is that GM assembled this motor with a faulty Gasket, and he has photographic proof to the fault. Believe it or not, GM sent a replacement gasket with the same fault in it. We are now waiting on another supplier with the redesigned gasket. Naturally GM has said that because the car is not at their dealership, they won't honor the warranty. Typical. I would like to keep this car until it reaches at least 100,000 km because it does ride and drive well. I only hope the 2L engine can get me that far,

SW Ontario.

22nd Aug 2008, 09:07

2006 Optra Wagon Sunshine Coast BC.

I'm not a happy GM customer to say the least.

Seatbelt recall was relayed 4 months late.

Tranny clunks and lurches when coming to a stop. Very unsafe in stop and go city traffic or at a crosswalk. Many trips to the dealer has got a couple computer resets and a new Tranny Control Module. Service has been polite but have no idea how to fix the problem. They tell me to drive with the hold button on all the time, to see if that helps.

They have had Technical advice from back east that say it's a learned "characteristic of the car". Hello, who buys a car that clunks and lurches! No one. 2 year old car with 3 years left on the warranty and GM is saying they can't fix it. This is a safety issue that they, GM, will not admit to.

I phoned 1 800 263 3777 customer service back east and got a rep. who followed the GM policy book by telling me how she understands my displeasure time and time again. I told her I needed some satisfaction out of this or compensation for a unsafe lemon. She told me to go see my Sales department, not my sevice Dept. That's right folks, she told me to go buy a new car.

I phoned and asked about Arbitration to get satisfaction out of this. The Customer Rep. Said they were instructed to not mention Arbitration as a option. I am presently waiting their call. Will post info as I proceed. See your manual for more info on this option. page 44 in the 2006 book.

30th Sep 2008, 03:42

OPTRA??? Hmmmmmm... Definitely not a good car.

Unhappy customer.

16th Nov 2008, 15:36



This car has 15,000km on it. I have had all kinds of trouble.

1st off, the engine light comes on every week for no aparent reason. (no it's not a tightening of the gas cap) The transmission (automatic) makes a jerking motion around 40km/hour when it changes gears. The FUEL CONSUMPTION IS TERRIBLE... I am getting between 350-400km/tank. I have been monitoring the gas for some time now, and it can barely get 200km to a 1/2 tank. I'm always getting gas in the stupid thing. I would NOT recommend this car to anyone. I have removed the spare tire/jack, back seats and belts to drop the weight and the GAS MILEAGE is still terrible. I'm stuck in a lease for this junk. It is no wonder why GM is always in trouble, I hope they go belly up and lay off all the workers around the world, they produce this garbage. I also have an early 90's Honda Civic and it is a dream compared to this scrap heap on wheels.