22nd Dec 2008, 23:18

2006 Chev Optra 1.8.

We got this car for my wife because her Camry at the time finally died, and we needed something quick, that fit the budget, and seemed decent. After test driving, my wife liked the car, and we got it as it was not going to be a long term vehicle for us.

This car is a piece of junk, and GM service is even worse. I took the car in for its warranty work. The first thing they said to me was, you have not had the car in for a service yet (I manage a very large cross country chain garage), and when I bought the vehicle I made it very clear that we would not bring it to them for regular maintenance. So whatever leave the vehicle there for the day as they are supposed to change the seat belts (I got locked in it and had to cut it off), and the headlights as I guess they can start on fire. Come back after a whole day and nothing done, no call to say not going to be done. Whatever, I tell them it will be there again tomorrow morning, and it has to get done. They agree. Bring it back, so next day I call them at noon, and they try to tell me its not going to get done again. Lose it, and they change the seat belts, but not the lights. This went on three more times with the lights, so I said screw it, and have not taken it back.

Onto the next, I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In the winter it gets -30 celsius or colder. This car has died numerous times on the highway in the cold, just completely dies. Thankfully it has been only when I am in the vehicle, and not my wife.

Do not buy a GM vehicle!! They do not care about you, and do not service, or sell quality products!!

30th Jun 2009, 14:43

I have a 2005 Optra LS, and to date it has been a good car. I am not so pleased on the gas mileage, but it is acceptable. Recently my engine light is on and having it checked it appears there is an air intake leak??? Does anyone know how to fix the problem? Thanks.

28th Aug 2009, 12:38

I own a 2005 Chevy Optra. The car has not caused me too many problems.

As for the air intake, when the engine light comes on... it is because the gas cap is not on properly! I have ran into that problem every time I go to full serve gas stations... they never put the cap on properly, causing air to get in and the engine light will come on!!!

I recently had to have a new belt put on and now applying a new rad hose!! My car has also completely died on me out of the blue... just stalled like a standard car, but the mechanic can't find the problem... even on the computer they hook it up to?!?!?!! WTF?? It's happened 4 times now and I've had it for almost 2 years!

I can't wait to get a new car!!! Definitely won't be a GM.

13th Dec 2009, 10:38

I have a 2006 Optra LS. I took some automotive classes during high school. With proper maintenance this car is really great. Most of the comments here, I can predict that most of the comments are coming from owners who only know how to use a car, not to fix them. I agree, I also run into some minor problems, but prevention is still the best solution. It's been four years since I had this car, and it has more than 100,000 kilometers on it. It still runs like the first day I bought it.

The dealer only replace or work on factory defects. Not on negligence.

And regarding the air intake leak, check the air intake manifold for leaks, check for gasket or hose leaks starting from the air cleaner to the intake manifold, not the gas tank.

It's true that Honda is more strict on quality control, That's why the Optra is cheaper. So, it's up to you to maintain it properly. If still not satisfied, buy a more expensive car like BMW or Mercedes Benz, then for sure you will get your moneys worth.

10th Jan 2010, 09:39

I have a 2006 Optra Estate 1.6M. I've owned it since Feb 2007. It hasn't really given me any major issues that I can remember, just the battery dying. I've changed the battery 3 times in the past 3 years. But anyway car batteries, like most other batteries, are consumables, no?

I'm not very familiar with car repairs and maintenance, but I'm not a complete idiot either. I managed to change my own headlight bulbs, engine oil, maintain the correct tyre pressure & such... Anyway I'm not a performance freak, I just want the car to perform smoothly within specs & maintain my current fuel economy, which I monitor closely.

I do drive up to Malaysia every now & then. On level road, the car is quite smooth. However, on slopes and elevations, especially at higher altitudes, I notice my engine revs drop quite considerably, even when I change down. There's just no power when I go up to Genting, for example. A Hyundai Getz can overtake me...

My deduction is that the problem is my air intake. I am considering upgrading it to a cold air intake. Is this very difficult to do by yourself, or is it a must to send it down to a mechanic? What's the estimated cost?

Comments, guys?

18th Jun 2010, 02:16

I own a Optra 2005 (1.6 M) model. I used to regularly service it every 8000 kms to 9000 kms from an authorised service centre, & I always used Mobil-1 engine oil.

Now the car has reached around 102,000 Kms. When it reached 60K, I did a major service to replace the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, coolant, idler pulley, etc.

Yesterday while driving on the expressway, I heard a rattling sound from the engine, & at the same time the engine cut off. I parked on the roadside & tried to start again, but it didn't. Finally had to tow it to the Chevrolet service centre. After checking, they said that the engine may require overhauling & will cost around 3000 US$. Has anybody had the same kind of experience?

14th Sep 2010, 20:57

I have a 2006 Optra 5 auto, new since Jan 2007.

Only 1 problem - engine light comes on periodically and the transmission is affected.

When this happens, the car is a little different when going from park and into gear. It will thunk and jerk, even though the revs are normal. This will continue for a day or two, with the thunk diminishing gradually until gone, and then the engine light will go off.

When driving in this condition, it seems as though car is working harder than normal, and revs are slightly higher for the speed attained.

Has anybody had a similar experience, has it been resolved, and how?

13th Jan 2011, 12:53

I have a 2006 Optra automatic transmission and have had nothing but trouble. The transmission went at 54,000 kms and it went again at 136,000.

I bought it new and near 54,000 kms it would just stop and would not go forward or back until maybe a day later when it would take off again and be good for a few days.

They finally replaced it and it went again the other day. I am wondering if anyone else had a similar problem? The first one was on warranty but this one is not.