13th May 2010, 23:10


I have an 04 Optra5 and just took it in. The check engine light was on and off for about two weeks, seemed to be every time I filled up with gas. So it turns out with 128000kms, I have a blown head gasket, and have to replace the camshaft sensor as well, which is why it is revving and idling rough. I've also had to replace the tires twice, and a couple of head lights, not to mention the daytime running lights recall. I've also had to replace the serpentine belt and EGR gasket. Has anyone looked into a class action lawsuit, because this is just ridiculous!! My total bill will be around $2000.

15th May 2010, 06:31

Hello everyone:

I was searching the web for Optra head gasket info, and boy did I find it! I really wanted to share this post from another site with everyone here, very interesting information! Read the comment from snosrap:


17th May 2010, 20:52

Hello guys or gals, I need the code for the radio. I changed the battery and now I have no radio. Please help. They are asking too much for a code; are they nuts?

23rd May 2010, 22:00

I have all the same problems with the head gasket. I brought it to the dealership as my antifreeze keeps disappearing, and they said no leak, and I need a thermostat, which they don't just sell the $10 core, they sell it in a package with the casing that it sits in for $120. If there is a class action lawsuit, I want in. jasonman49@hotmail.com

31st May 2010, 12:09

Here are the codes to unlock your radio. You enter them using the radio preset buttons. Trial and error...

















8th Jun 2010, 13:41

I purchased the car from the dealer almost new (it was a demo), and for the most part have not had any major problems with it... up until now.

I have to replace the tires more than I expected, but the wheels are quite small and I suppose that is to be expected.

I always get the oil changed on time, and do regular maintenance.

The problem started last August/September when I noticed an oil leak in the driveway. Took the car to the dealer, who replaced a small gasket. Two weeks later, there was a leak in the driveway again. Took it back to the dealer, who said the radiator had to be replaced as the pipes going in or out of the rad at the bottom had rusted, and in order to replace them, the whole radiator had to be replaced. They assisted with the cost on this... I believe I paid for the radiator, but they absorbed the labour costs.

To make a long story short, after the radiator was replaced, I made weekly if not twice weekly visits to the dealer as the car kept over heating, radiator fluid draining in the driveway, heater not working. It was very frustrating.

Everything seemed to work smoothly during the winter, but come a very hot day in Spring, the car heated up again. My husband checked the fluid levels and added some coolant. A couple of days later, we experienced a bit of difficulty starting the car in the driveway, but finally got it going and now the engine light is on. My husband checked the fluid levels yesterday and again they were down. There is nothing leaking in the driveway or anywhere else I park, so that is why I logged onto this website to try and see if others were experiencing the same problems.

Now I'm really worried. It seems there are some major issues looming for me down the road... as I mentioned earlier, I haven't spent a lot of money so far. I think I'll look at replacing it before anything major happens. I have made an appointment tomorrow to take it in to a trusted mechanic; I would never go back to the dealer again. Perhaps I'll see what they say first.

10th Jun 2010, 21:37

In response to the comment above this one (8th Jun 2010, 13:41)...

The coolant leaking is either a gasket between the EGR housing and something else (ask at the parts counter for a gasket near this area that is commonly used... they know the one...). If this gasket hasn't yet been replaced, it needs to be as it was faulty when they made the car, and they have remade the gasket so it isn't faulty any longer.

However, if your engine is already overheating, it is because the gasket mentioned above is leaking, and with the overheating, your head gasket is likely gone and could be warping the cylinder head due to the head. I'd PUSH and push hard to get them to check the head gasket, because what you are going through is EXACTLY what I went through, and they won't check the head gasket right off unless you push for it.

Hopefully your car is still under warranty because for me, it would have been a $2600 (Canadian) fix had I not pushed the fact that it's common to have problems. If you do not have warranty, CALL GM CUSTOMER SERVICE and push that this is a common problem and they (might) get your dealership to help you with some "goodwill" as they call it.

Good luck.

M.Legge - Ontario.

5th Jul 2010, 15:58

Been having a few problems with my '04 Optra.

There has been a weird sound coming from the engine around 2000 RPM, but this goes away when I shift into a higher gear. I've also had it where I have taken it out of gear when arriving at a light, but it continues at 2000 RPM.

They think it is possibly something with the timing belt (which does need to be changed).

8th Jul 2010, 02:01

I bought the Optra about a year ago and have had major problems ever since... had to replace water pump, serpentine belt, brake calipers and now it looks like the head gasket is gone as I'm losing coolant whenever I'm driving! I will never buy a GM again and I will make it my mission to tell everyone I know never to buy GM... I feel like I've been robbed! I hope there is a lawsuit, because it is not a coincidence that everyone that has commented here has had the same problems with this vehicle. GM needs to be responsible and pay for selling a pile of crap.

14th Jul 2010, 23:19

OMG. I have the same issues here with my 04 Optra, which is 65000 kms, sensor, head light, serpentine belt, engine check light. I just found my engine overheating on my way driving home today. It turned out that the coolant is all gone!

I don't know if the head gasket is still there.

I am going to print those posters and talk to the dealer, and maybe GM customer service.

15th Jul 2010, 17:56

Further to my post of July 14. I found this website to file claim against the dealer or manufacturer.


CAMVAP is a cross-Canada program that you can use to resolve disputes with a manufacturer about defects in your vehicle's assembly or materials, or how the manufacturer is applying or administering its new vehicle warranty. Disputes are resolved through binding arbitration.

Has anyone tried this before?