14th Jan 2013, 14:23

Yes, I just got mine two days ago. First day I got it, my check engine light came on and a light that says SSPS on the bottom left hand corner on the dash. When I press on the brakes to slow down, it nudges a bit, just noticed that today. I'm really not liking this car at all.

16th Jan 2013, 11:28

Thanks for the info, it worked out great.

I spent the money at the dealer, and they told me the radio was no good. The code they got was the wrong one.

Thank you.

1st Feb 2013, 10:39

We just bought a used 2004 Chev Optra LS a few days ago. We did not do our homework. The check engine light goes on and off, while driving it seems to sputter and go good again, and finally, during this cold snap, the car will not start, even while it's been plugged in. I can smell gas, but I think it's from flooding the car. Can anyone give me some advice for an easy fix?

2nd Feb 2013, 20:40

I've had this car for just under two years now, and I've finally gotten in tune with it and its 'quirky' and 'temperamental' nature.

So far the only major repairs I've done to it are replacing a faulty valve in my brake system (at first they thought it was my master cylinder, but that was not the case, thank god another shop gave me a second opinion before I dropped $2000 on a repair that wouldn't even fix the fact I had no brakes) and replacing the clutch assembly, which would be expected of a 10 year old car that's primarily driven in the universe's worst stop-and-go city traffic here in BC. However, there are a couple of things that have yet to be fixed.

Eventually I'm going to get the warranty repair on my electrical panel done, because my clock used to turn on and off of its own volition, but now it doesn't even turn on. My DRLs also used to flicker on and off, but now don't turn on at all. My check engine light has been on since I bought the car, but I'm sure that's due to the gas cap and I'm so used to it that when it turned off for a day or two once, I thought the light had burned out on the dash and was disappointed to learn that it had just decided to take a nap for a bit.

The worst problem of all though, which I am truly afraid to investigate, is the rattling from the rear end. Slightly rough roads, potholes, manhole covers, tiny pebbles, minute gusts of wind, the earth's rotation around the sun... ANYTHING will get the rattle going. At first I thought it was my exhaust pipe shield but that fell off six months ago and yet the rattle persists. I'm thinking that it's my rear shocks or a loose sway bar link, neither of which would be too bad to replace, but I'm dreading if it's something worse. Whatever it is, it's turning me a little crazy and it's worn through my tires pretty quickly.

Other than that, I do actually kind of like this car. It's got pep since I replaced the clutch, and I can generally get ~400km out of a tank of gas. The interior is pretty comfy, the engine isn't loud, and it looks great on the road. Once the car warms up, the heater feels like it's a vent straight from hell itself, which is a blessing in Canadian winters.

If and when I get the rattling to stop, I really will like this car. I hope it won't give me any major troubles like some other people have had, and I'm hoping that if I give it adequate praise on a consistent basis ("what a good girl you've been! You get 91 octane today!") then it'll be the Little Optra That Didn't Suck For Once.

20th Feb 2013, 05:03

Just reading through here. Been having my issues with my Optra 2004 LS Sedan, but any how, when it's flashing like that, I was told it's misfiring. You should check your coolant and make sure you don't have anything in the oil. If there are problems, then you should get it to the mechanic.

20th Feb 2013, 05:37

2004 Chevy Optra LS Sedan Standard.

Bought fresh off the lot 9 years ago.


- I am at 152,000 km.

- 450km in town with hills, 550 without.

- 700+km plus on the highway.

- Has got me where I need to go, when I need to, for the last 9 years.


- Extortionate costs for replacement parts; there are no real aftermarket parts for this car.

- Tires that came with the car are crap.

- Depending on the temperature outside, the car collects a lot of condensation inside.

- Seems the headlights burn out every 2 years like clockwork.

- Brakes and rotors have to be done every 50,000 or less.

- Does not produce the heat it should for a car in a winter climate.

- Drain for rain from cal panels plugged up and dumped water on my heater core till I got it fixed.

- Had my e-brake seize up. Ended up being the cables and e-brakes, which also warped my back rotor.

- Have a red light for the airbag on the dash; not listed on the scan tool.

- Had to replace the fuel pump at 140,000km. The mechanic said it was really clean looking.

- Main fuse to the fuel pump kept blowing after replacement. Had to have the fuse bridged in order for it to work properly.

- Now I go to start the car tonight, and it's rumbling and there is sweet smelling exhaust. Shut off right away, go look at the oil dipstick; yup, there is coolant inside, head gasket is my guess.

If you have any comments above, feel free to email me, or if anyone knows what the airbag fix is, email me thank you.


4th Apr 2013, 09:01

I have a rattle in the back and thought it was the shield also, or something else. Ours was the brake cable bracket rattling, and we had it welded. There was no more rattle for us.

21st May 2013, 18:06

Hi, my name is Mike. I found a reason for a P0342 code on an Optra 2004. The problem was a burnt fuse under the fuse box on the driver's side under the hood. A 5 amp fuse in a black fuse link, like for a trailer. Yes, under the fuse box, pry the 4 snaps and lift. It took me about 4 hours to find it with changing the cam sensor. But now I know, I hope I can help others. Good luck.

29th May 2013, 10:12

This car is absolute total GARBAGE!!! I got this car in June of 2008 with about 87,000 km on it. Now it has about 155,000 km and the head gasket is gone. A replacement motor will cost at least $1000, and then the labour to put it in. And book value is only like $1300 in mint condition. How wrong is that?

Other problems with this car:

Have had to replace brakes EVERY year, and now on the 3rd set of rotors.

Only firing on 2 cylinders multiple times because of burnt wires. Replaced plug wires.

Tie-rod ends multiple times.

Camshaft sensor.

Brake relay assembly.

Brake lines.

Catalytic converter.

Top pan gasket.

Air intake hose.

Many, many sway bar links and bushings.

Gas pedal got stuck on the highway doing 110 km/hr and nearly gave me a heart attack.

Rubber boot on the throttle body was gone.

Hand brake seized up and is gone (and yes, I used it all the time. I didn't let it seize up).

The lever to open the gas cover door is rusted off and the little door just flaps around. I know there are other problems I have had with this car, just they are not coming to me at the moment.

Anyone wanting e-mail addresses to add to law suits, here's mine...