1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer 4.3 V6 from North America




Tranny slips and leaks oil.

Digital dash stopped working.

Starters last around 2 years.

General Comments:

Only good thing I could say is that the engine is a trooper.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2020

31st Jan 2020, 19:19

The starter should last longer (are you sure you are using quality parts?)

Other than that, at 240,000 miles that is good going for any vehicle, and most transmissions would need work by then or earlier.

1st Feb 2020, 21:11

No one commented on how nice they ride. Long bed. I had one new and then went to new full sizes a couple of years later.

1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer Tahoe 4.3 from North America


A great truck with lots of American muscle!


Water pump failed, but was easy and cheap to replace.

Brake line blew out after a hard stop.

Brake pads fail without warning.

Driver's side front wheel sticks out further than the other one.

Interior rattles a lot.

The headliner is sagging.

The windshield leaks.

There were no rubber gaskets or anything around the doors, so it leaked in air and rain, but was a cheap and easy repair.

The gas pedal is hard to depress at times.

Cruise control quits when the wipers are activated.

Back glass does not latch.

General Comments:

I bought this truck in a hurry after my Ranger lost its transmission. Overall I am pleased with it. It's 24 years old and still runs great. I like that it is very roomy and has enough power to get up to speed, where my Ranger was lacking.

It's easy to get in and out of, which is good, and I also like that it has fold down seats and a ladder rack, which is a must, because I own a gutter company, and need racks for ladders and room for tools.

My only complaint is that it handles badly, and drinks way too much gas.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2013

1989 Chevrolet S-10 Base 4.3 V6 from North America


Totally underrated workhorse with unstoppable will


Brakes are either really touchy, or like a sponge. Takes getting used to.

Squirrelly in rain/snow.

Always has at least one creak, crackle, or rattle.


Old engines are oil eaters. Check the level every two weeks before starting it up.

General Comments:

This truck is one of the most versatile vehicles I have ever come in contact with.

I have the reg. cab long bed 2wd (limited slip posi) model with adjustable rear air shocks, which I highly recommend to anyone who will be towing with these. And they will certainly (at least try) tow nearly anything you ask it to! And haul too! It just amazes me that this little compact pickup can do just as much as a half ton would do!

My truck has original engine and trans that are still going after 218,000 hard driven miles. Some of my body has been replaced (new bed, cab corners) because of notorious S-10 rust issues, but if you can do a good patch job, they are good as new.

Recently drove through blizzard conditions (1-2 feet of blowing snow), and as long as you are moving and know how to control a RWD in the snow, it's a blast! Plus, snow tires are well worth the investment.

Just a totally underrated truck in my opinion and is an absolute joy to own. BEST (compact) TRUCK CHEVROLET HAS EVER MADE.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2010

10th Nov 2010, 16:33

I agree these are really tough little trucks.

I am shopping for one for a family member, and they seem to hold their value pretty well in good condition.

These trucks go past 300-400 k with little problems, other than body rust issues.

1989 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup Tahoe 4x4 Club Cab 4.3L V6 from North America


Best truck EVER!


Needed exhaust and new tires when I first bought it.

Driver seat broke.

Some of the power options don't work very well (power locks and power steering)

General Comments:

It can go just about anywhere you want to go. The only thing that can stop this is giant rocks.

It has a nice powerful engine that gives you all the power you need.

4 wheel drive works great.

I painted the whole thing with Herculiner, so it looks awesome and is scratch resistant.

Seats actually kinda suck. They are hard to lock into place, and they don't recline. However, they are pretty comfortable for long drives.

The club cab is great to put stuff or carry extra passengers.

It only gets about 16-17 mpg freeway/city.

This truck is totally awesome. It is super reliable; it has never not started. It is fun to drive and works well. It has plenty of power and is pretty quick for a small truck. It is what you want if you like a car that can get around and go wherever you want it to go.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2007