9th Feb 2003, 15:08

Solid little truck, although the 4 cylinder feels a little underpowered, especially at 130,000 miles. The wipers seem to be the most common problem; the motors go pretty fast on ebay. If someone can explain why this is such a problem, or if the motors aren't what's going out, then please do.

4th May 2003, 22:10

I purchased my '94LS 4.3v6 with 28K. I now have 117,000k on it, Changed exhaust, brakes, fuel pump, gas tank-twice, the first rotted out and the second had a screw wedged between tank and cab and bore a hole in it. and wiper motor. That's it, no engine work at all. Very reliable.

24th Jan 2006, 17:21

I own a '94 S-10 LS which had the same wiper problem everyone seems to be commenting on. The problem that I found took some searching to find a cure, but I finally did with some help from a parts tech at a dealership. What is wrong is not the motor, but the wiper control module. This module seems to have a problem with its ground connection. If I remember correctly it's only about a $25-$30 fix. All it involves is removing 2-3 screws, pulling the old module and cover plate, and replacing with new module and cover plate. (You MUST use the new cover plate because of a slight change in design to prevent this from happening again.)

19th Feb 2006, 14:09

I have a 94 S-10, 2.2 L 4 cyl with 260,000 miles on the original engine and that's worth a medal or something isn't it?

When it was about 3 years old, at about 20k the windshield wiper relay went out and I installed the newer module, yes it only takes 3 screws and even a girl can do it (speaking from personal experience, *smile*). One thing though, the moron at the auto parts store sold me a tube of some kind of gasket crap to go with it, which has absolutely no value whatsoever. Having never changed it before I didn't know though... just returned it after doing the repair in their parking lot.

Other than that let's see... alternator was bad from the factory, had that replaced when it was 3 days old. The inherent plague seems to be the cooling system, from day one. Always having to top off the coolant recovery tank. Under warranty, they could never find anything wrong, of course. At 50,001 miles it was a leaky head gasket, had to pay $1K for that. At 110K, way off in the wilds of upper BC the head blew and so had to get a new one - the mechanic thinks it was cracked all along. My hat's off to Doug Cherry at the Prince George Husky station and his great mechanic Rod, who put in the new head with the admonition that, at 110K, this might last another 50 - and look how far it's gone! Can't say enough great things about that repair. Wish I had been in BC at 50K.

Right now there's a problem with failed starts, sounds to me like an EGR valve, but the mechanic insists it's a fuel pump - let's throw $500 at it and see where we get. After the fuel's pumping could still be the EGR - has anyone ever experienced this?

20th Mar 2006, 21:57

As far as the wiper problem I have found that if you shove a screwdriver under the wiper motor they run with know problem. you just have to make sure screwdriver stays in place.