9th May 2007, 13:56

I am still driving this piece of crap truck. It now has 155,000 miles. Since my first review I have fixed the following:

-Heater core, 2nd time, so much fun to repair.

-Window crank handle twice. It's made of wafer thin pot metal, shaft just snaps apart in normal use.

-Passenger side mirror twice. Cheap plastic housing cracks easily under normal use.

-Oil cooler lines, 2nd time. Forever leaking. Made in Mexico for GM.

-Water pump


-Front sway bar links.

-Rear drive shaft seal

Other things broken that I'm not fixing.

-ABS system, now disabled. Never worked right anyway.

-Air bag system, now disabled.

Various dash pieces and trim have fallen off. Cab rattles nonstop. Upper ball joints are now bad and the lowers are getting loose again. Transfer case switch is going out again. Front tires have worn out prematurely since new, the whole front end is made of popsicle sticks. Various clunking noises from front end for the past 10 years. As soon as you fix one clunk, another pops up. Have had an ongoing electrical problem for the past 5 years. Engine idles erratically in cold, wet weather. Nobody can fix it so I live with it. Rear drive seal always leaks, have to check it weekly to avoid another rear end replacement.

Only things on truck that have held up are the engine and transmission and the paint still looks good. Too bad it's all assembled with cheapo third world parts by lazy, overpaid GM workers.

18th Dec 2008, 12:50

You all are upset because you work for Ford or something. Things are suppose to deteriorate and if anyone reads this I will be surprised. Anyway I have a 94 S10 and I had to fix a lot of stuff on it, and now I am changing the transmission. It's all done, I bleed the clutch, but I pump it up, but it freezes and I can't push the clutch down. Anyway I will just take it apart again.

26th Dec 2008, 12:15

Sorry to hear about your misfortune with a 1994 S-10 Pickup.

I admit my 4x4 S-10 only has 125,000 miles on it. So far I have had to change the gas tank and fuel pump. I took my truck in for new tires this week and they said I need new lower ball joints and an idler arm. I'll change them myself and then take it in for an alignment.

Signed - a not lazy, GM worker.