10th Feb 2015, 21:40

You are wrong. 2003 was the last year of the S10 ZR2.

22nd Feb 2015, 21:37

You're wrong. My family works at GM and 2004 was the last year for any S-10, including the ZR2, which we own.

23rd Feb 2015, 23:38

No, you're wrong.

In 2004, its last year, the S10 was only made in Crewcab 4WD form and no ZR2 package was available, although you could get a ZR5 package.

24th Feb 2015, 16:46

You are incorrect. I found 2005 S-10s for sale per a quick Internet search. I am not sure where you got your information.

24th Feb 2015, 23:12

Well, we know where you got your information: internet seller(s) who either don't know what year their truck is, or put in the wrong year. Either way, they (and you) are incorrect. There was no 2005 S10 or GMC S15.

25th Feb 2015, 14:09

Maybe they bought an untitled vehicle last off the line with zero miles in 2005.

26th Feb 2015, 16:41

Multiple websites that I've seen which break down which models for which manufacturers were made indicate the S-10 was made through 2005. The reviewer who suggested 2005 S-10s were made is correct.

26th Feb 2015, 22:36

"Multiple websites", huh.

Nice try. Those "multiple websites" are likely referring to the S10 Blazer (known as just "Blazer" after 1994), which was made through 2005, NOT the S10 pickup, which was not. You should check more carefully before posting.

Still don't agree? Please identify the "multiple websites" you claim show that production of the S10 pickup did not end with the 2004 model year. Here's just a few that show that it did: edmunds.com, kbb.com, nadaguides.com, fueleconomy.gov, cars.com, and, last but certainly not least: chevrolet.com.

And sites like autotrader.com, which let you specify a year range well outside the actual production years, prove nothing. They will let you search for cars that never existed, like a 2000-2015 Chevette.

27th Feb 2015, 20:14

You are confusing the Blazer vs Trailblazer. The commentor is talking about the S-10 pickup, not the Blazer, and certainly not the Trailblazer, and the S-10 truck was made through 2005. Autotrader.com, eBay, and other places list 2005 S-10s for sale. They're actually not that hard to find, being a mass-produced vanilla truck line. It's not a tough task to verify that they exist.

28th Feb 2015, 15:29

Um, no, there is no confusion with the TrailBlazer (not "Trailblazer"), a completely separate model on the GMT-360 platform, unrelated to the older S-10/Blazer, which you seem to be unaware of.

As far as to whether the S-10 pickup was made after the 2004 model year, I decided to humor you and check the two sites you mentioned as proof that it was.

To no great surprise, neither one listed any 2005 S-10 pickups for sale (not even as completed listings on eBay).

So, you may continue to insist that the S-10 pickup was built after 2004 while providing no proof to support that claim. If you refuse to be convinced by the fact that "multiple websites" including Chevrolet's own site show that it wasn't, it would be a waste of time (as well as boring) to argue this further.

2nd Mar 2015, 16:30

Did you search for S-10 pickup or S-10 Blazer? I just checked, and the reviewer is correct who said 2005 S-10 pickups are listed.

2nd Mar 2015, 22:37

Why is it so hard to understand that a 2005 S-10 doesn't exist even when Chevrolet's own website states this.

2nd Mar 2015, 23:27

I'm with you all the way. Even though I always knew a 2004 was the final year for the S-10, I decided to check eBay and Autotrader for 2005 models just for fun. Neither site has a 2005 model listed. Why? Because 2004 was the final year.

3rd Mar 2015, 12:00

Honestly who cares? It's over 10 years. This is getting exhausting to keep reading. It's not a vintage classic vehicle that will appraise at a very high level.

3rd Mar 2015, 17:13

The 2005 S-10 Blazer DOES exist, sir; you are mistaken.

3rd Mar 2015, 19:15

The argument concerns the S-10 PICKUP, not the Blazer, which by 2005 had not been called the S-10 Blazer for ten years!

3rd Mar 2015, 19:26

FYI, check cardomain.com You can find members on there with 2005 S-10 pickups (not Blazers) who showcase their vehicles.

3rd Mar 2015, 22:15

Who ever declared that this will be a collectable vintage classic? Looking through these comments I have seen not a one. The point is that a 2005 doesn't exist. Over and out, I'm done here. The person who claims there is a 2005 model can now sit here and argue with themselves.

4th Mar 2015, 11:22

Re-read the comment. All the debate back and forth over a small truck over just being a 2004 or 2005. It's a decade later. It's not like debating another GM where a single highly collectible model year may make a discernible value difference.

It's been a lengthy read. I had a 2002 S-10 purchased new. Not bad, but 2 years later stepped up to a full size 2004 Silverado. And have bought them again since. Far more utility. I hit garage sales and look for antiques almost every weekend. Never know what may show up. Having a full size is far better. Plus I tow a boat. My kids when they were younger liked sitting in the back of the S-10, facing each other. So there's pros and cons. I don't see any with a Silverado. They are almost car-like with their ride and comfort today. And certainly very useful. I feel ours pays for itself. I have bought and sold items that were a result of having a full size truck at all times. Highly recommended!

4th Mar 2015, 20:38

That is not true. There is some collector's value in the S-10 trucks, being that they were discontinued after 2005. It's actually similar to the Camaro situation, in which the 02 and before Camaros became collectible after the model became discontinued and resurfaced as something totally different in 2010.

4th Mar 2015, 21:47

Guys... My 2005 S10 is an amazing machine... Do you think we should try to get the S10 introduced into some sort of Truck Hall of Fame?

4th Mar 2015, 22:19

Yeah, great website. You can't even go further than the home page. It won't let you.

5th Mar 2015, 14:49

Just because a model is discontinued, doesn't make it collectible. Sort of like saying a GM Pontiac Parisienne is collectible. If you do see one at a car show, it's likely because someone did a pro street truck, far from stock. I had an S-10. It's a vehicle for utility or daily driver. Not a bad thing. But buying one as a future collectible, I would hesitate to recommend it. What I would recommend is a 69-72 small Chevy pick up. 350 V8 change with a 4 speed Muncey. Preferably a more valuable step side short bed. A very sharp little truck. They bring decent money restored. Drive the newer S-10 for utility vs collectability. I just don't see this as a future collectible. I would probably buy a Ford Splash if I wanted to risk a future newer collectible.

5th Mar 2015, 22:06

Discontinued models are, by definition, collectible because the supply chain stops. Therefore, demand keeps going up, but supply does not, so the price of the now collectible trucks increases.

6th Mar 2015, 03:47

Actually the Pontiac Parisienne, along with the last of the other GM B-bodys, are becoming more of a collectible as time goes on. Mostly 2-door models, which were rare then, let alone now.

As far as an S-10 being collectible, I would say the "Extreme" models may have a chance someday.