5th Jun 2009, 22:02

I'm with you guys. I posted the huge rant for the 07 Silverado. I'm still stuck with it after 2 years. Seems like 12 years. What a total piece of garbage. The rattles are unreal. I've got a creaking in the right rear cab corner. I pulled all the interior trim out and it's still there. Tightened every single nut and bolt (you would be shocked at how many were loose) and its still there. I really think that it's the metal in the cab flexing. Especially since the seam sealer in the back of the cab is cracking. I am going to look at 09 Rams this weekend. I hope to god to get out of this nightmare.

6th Jun 2009, 14:50

To comment 5th Jun 2009, 22:02 I just need to tell you that I DID get out of it! I did end up with a new Ram. When you drive one, you will be so amazed at the difference in quality. I know that Dodge has gotten criticized lately for their interior designs, but that is not evident in this one. I love it. The Hemi engine is fantastic. The ride is great. Overall, incredibly better than the Silverado. As a tip though, if price is not a huge factor, I would recommend checking out the new Ford F-150 which would have been my next choice, but I went with the Ram because of previous experience. The Ford is also going to cost you a bit more :)

22nd Oct 2009, 11:43

Agreed. I own a 02 Ram, and will never own another GM product again. Not the greatest mpg, but power from 4.7 litres is unbelievable. GM could never get this power from the 305.

My wive has a 05 Uplander that has rubber door seals falling off, finicky power sliding door and the driver side power mirror sometime doesn't work. Where is the quality?

Only issue with the Ram? Replacing the brake light bulb twice.