2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic Body Style 4.3 gas from North America


Pretty alright


Steering shaft at 30,500.

Right door speaker at 30,500.

Water pump at 30,500.

Front brake pads and rotors at 35,000.

Belt noise; dealer replaced crank pulley, did not fix problem. 35,000.

Hard to get into gear (manual trans.). Dealer replaced slave cylinder at 35,000.

Blower motor does not work on high setting at 40,000.

Check engine light active for low coolant temp. below thermostat level.

General Comments:

I really love this truck!

I like the way it looks, inside and out, and I like how it drives.

5-speed manual trans. with the 4.3 V-6 motor. The truck is a little under powered, but it drives fine for me.

The only thing that worries me about the truck is how many problems it has already had. The dealer fixed everything under warranty, and the truck is still under warranty. I just hope the problems stop LOL.

Another thing that is bothering me is the belt noise. Dealer has put a crank pulley on, and said that was the problem, but every now and again, it comes back. And when I take it to the dealer, the noise stops! And they can't fix it if it's not broken :(

Besides all that, I think it's a pretty good truck, and it gets pretty good MPG.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2010

2007 Chevrolet Silverado LT - Z71 5.3 from North America


A very nice truck!!


4000 km - Nothing yet!!!

General Comments:

This truck is very comfortable. It has bench seats that are wide and comfortable. The adjustable lumbar support helps. The elevation of the arm rest are perfect.

The truck has lots of power and is quite fast (0-100 ~7.5 seconds). It is great for towing fishing boats and trailers, but I would get a 2500 for heavy duty towing assignments.

It gets decent gas mileage for a truck (24HWY/16CTY), and is very drivable in the City. No problem parking as long as you are selective.

The Active Fuel Management system works seamlessly. The only physical thing you notice is a change in the exhaust note.

The 4 speed transmission is nice and smooth with no noticeable clunks. The Auto 4x4 works wells, although it kicks in slower than I'd like. The 4x4 system works well and really helps in the winter weather.

Overall the ergonomics of the vehicle are well laid out. There is no reaching for commonly used controls and the steering wheel controls are well thought out.

I like the look of the interior, although the seat fabric is not as nice as the Fords. Seems that lint likes to stick to it. This is good if you have pets.. keeps your clothes clean.

The folding rear seats are great and provide lots of interior storage room. They are also quite comfortable with lots of rear leg room - much better than Toyota Tundra Crew Cab. The truck does need some power outlets in the back for the kids various electronic babysitters.

The seat back position is a bit upright, but it is functional. Given the space available, GM should consider putting adjustable seats in the rear.

The cabin is quiet, although there is some noticeable road noise from the driver and passenger doors; however I think this has more to do with the tires and the configuration of the flared wheel wells - which act like a resonance chamber and amplify the noise from the tires.

On initial startup, there is a small squeak from the serpentine belt and some various engine noises, but the engine settles down after about 2 or 3 minutes, and runs relatively quiet for a V8.

Good first impressions. Will be interested in dependability over the long run.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2009

4th Feb 2010, 14:40

Author 3 Month Up-Date.

I still like the truck and have had no problems but have noticed the following:

1.0 The 4 wheel drive activation knob gets very warm/hot, but only when the fog lights have been left on for a long period.

2.0 The conversion of L/100km to MPG on the information system is to US Gallons (3.8 L/gallon), not Canadian Gallons (4.5L/gallons). As a result, when you flip from metric to "english" on the system, you get a low mileage value - which is actual the US MPG.

My average mileage is 14.5 L/100km, which is actually 19.4 Canadian mpg - not too shabby. On the highway I routinely get 22.5 mpg (12.5 L/100km) - again not bad for a truck.

When I flip between english and metric on the information system, it shows that 14.5 L/100km is 16.6 mpg - which is wrong. I know this is not a "US truck" as it was built in Oshawa, ordered and leased at my local dealer, and then I purchased used.