2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 6.0 gas from North America


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Use the truck to haul a overhead camper and tow a stock trailer or boat. You can't even tell the campers on the truck, still gets 16mpg, rides great, tows and pulls better than the previous several dodge diesels we had with no death wobble, front end failures, tranny failures, injector pump failures, lift pump failures, electrical system failures, no need for air bags and sway bars, no cracking apart bed sheet metal bla, bla, bla.

Tired of buying the latest fad and throwing $$ into it in repairs? go back to the real deal for 1/3 the cost. Silverado Classic HD = #1.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2007

2nd Jun 2007, 23:01

I would also like to testify regarding this well-built truck. My '06 2500HD handles a Bigfoot overhead truck camper well, with excellent gas mileage to boot averaging 14 miles/gallon. I've had it for over 12000 miles, with no faults. This really is an affordable, dependable hauling machine!

3rd Jun 2007, 05:38

I tow a heavy boat 200 miles on many weekends to the beach with mine and love my new Silverado as well. The comfortable ride is the best feature. If you have a diesel the addition of a chip can increase your mpg.

6th Nov 2007, 18:49

I find it hard to believe that this truck can outpull a dodge diesel.. considering the dodge has 600 ft. pounds of torque.

31st Dec 2008, 18:01

The Dodge Cummins diesel has 600 lbft of torque. The Chevrolet Duramax Diesel has 660 lbft of torque. I think the orignal author of this review had a gas engine and I believe the gas engine also has a higher torque value than a comparable gas Dodge. I did test drive a Dodge and almost bought the 2500 Dodge, but after I test drove the Chevrolet I ended up buying the Chevy.

13th Oct 2017, 03:14

The comments of the Dodge/Cummins Diesel output is way overrated. The person did not trade in a brand new Cummins for a gas Chevy. Realistically they traded in a 5 year old Dodge that made 235 HP and 460 lb*ft of torque. Now the values are way closer to the 6.0 Chevy 300 HP 360 lb*ft torque and since the 6.0 is a high revving engine, they just come to life where the Cummins at their 1400 RPM max torque just isn't a fun vehicle to drive. Plus factor in the difference on rear axle ratio of 4.11 for the Chevy and 3.5? for the Dodge and you should be able to see why the person said what they did about the performance of the Dodge.