29th Oct 2016, 15:43

Well, yeah. It's a "bulletproof" LS motor ;)

29th Oct 2016, 17:21

Great, great idea and it's commonly done to liven it up. On a better example, it would be deserving of a very easy swap. Plenty of room to swap a small size LS with plug in adapters for the instruments and a higher pressure fuel pump etc. The LS engine not to be confused with an available LS trim level even available in the Silverado 1500 series. I have one in Arctic white with Borla exhaust which matches 2 other cars and a 10-10 classic white. These trucks look great in this very bright white color with nice sedate chrome wheels and tires. Sounds like new rims are in order anyway. Buy one like this at a low entry price and build it up.

29th Oct 2016, 17:58

You responded to a comment about running into curbs. Since you have no way of knowing whether previous owner(s) abused it like the reviewer brags about doing, your comment is not valid.

30th Oct 2016, 13:54

Engine is shot. That was my comment, not about rims and curbs. He got pretty good odometer mileage, which to me indicates how great Chevrolet engines are. It was a mileage distance only comment. Are we pulling on straws here? I agree the vehicle was abused. To me comments on here are sometimes dissected upon and nitpicked maybe by a solo commenter. Let's all get along and bring friendly discussions on specific vehicles please. I also own one of these. Have a great day!

30th Oct 2016, 14:10

Get a $1500 dollar sound system too!

31st Oct 2016, 00:55

I don't think it's a solo commenter, 15:43 was my post, also you did mention wheels and rims in 17:21. I once had a G-body Grand Prix where I put aftermarket chrome racing rims in place of the stock wire wheel hubcaps. Big difference.

31st Oct 2016, 09:03

You are right. You can start with a clean palette. And build a vehicle a way that the factory did not or maybe should have.

There are endless on line catalogs on this model. I have seen trucks like this brand new, mods immediately added such as lifts, bumpers, trim and performance enhancements. That's the beauty of vehicles. You can make them how you like. This one included. Sometimes finding a vehicle like this opens up a new opportunity to build exactly what you want.

Badly neglected vehicles eventually do not pass inspection or get recycled. Or get resurrected by a new owner. The ones that really concern me are ones still driven that are unsafe to everyone on the road. Or with a very bad driver on the road.

Enjoy your new sound system, but check the brakes and rims for cracks and damage. Restore it or part it out.

Good Luck.

31st Oct 2016, 16:09

Blew out the #7 cylinder on my 08 Sierra, with only 78,000 miles. Piston disintegrated into nothing. Had a 92 Sierra before that with the 350 TBI, 325,000 miles no problem. Engines changed for the worse.

1st Nov 2016, 16:07

Any other symptoms to rule out? Low oil, low coolant, high temp, blocked or restricted radiator, wrong new plugs, over rev, wrong octane, bad knock sensor etc? If you had your non running truck towed into a shop you might ask this. Rather than rule out a brand. My son blew a new engine up over too much nitrous. Yet still buys the same manufacturer today as it was operator influenced, not the car.

2nd Nov 2016, 15:01

No, you and your "symptoms" are wrong. Getting 325,000 miles out of the first one was do to being maintaned. Why would I take care of one and not the other? The cylinder problem happened out of nowhere.

2nd Nov 2016, 17:55

Road conditions can happen. You could be idling for hours in summer traffic with one, but it never happened in the other. You could have the radiator obstructed with debris in one and not the other. You could have an undetected fluid leak. Some are a manufacturing defect. Just eliminating the obvious. I have owned past and present Silverados and really like them. Just haven't had that happen. I did have issues with bad brake lines on a 2004 at very low mileage.