1st Feb 2011, 21:24

'99 GMC Sierra 2WD 5.3 ext cab with 200K. I bought her new in Oklahoma, and she is still wearing $3,000 of hail damage. She is fast and gets good mileage and still looks great @ 100ft.

These trucks are easy to work on: things break and we just keep fixing them. ModuleMaster in Moscow Idaho fixed the ABS for $150. New A/C compressor was $800, new fuel pump $800: a preemptive change out @160K, don't like to be left high and dry. Lower control arms $900 (too many speed bumps). Both window motors changed, now getting slow again. Both horns and both side speakers went south. Side mirror adjustment no longer works. Oh and that knocking sound behind the cab is the drive shaft coupling unweighting, don't worry about it, did the same in my '90 Silverado and it ran 225K.

Bought a new '11 Avalanche (6sp) and gave the '99 to our son. Avalanche is 1400lbs heavier and a lot slower. GM Mastercard guys turned prickly; so we used my mom's $3,000 rebate balance. We too had a 98 Expy with many more problems that we couldn't work on and got 10 MPG.

We love our Chevy trucks! It's 225k miles to the moon and a good Chevy truck can go the distance.

5th Apr 2011, 17:42

Bought a used 99 Silverado. Looks good, but just can't afford the thousands of dollars I keep putting into it. Gonna park it and drive my 90 Nissan. It's in 10 times better shape. I think Chevy should take this truck and ----------',.';.';.

5th Jan 2012, 16:31

Hey man, if you still have your Chevy, if it won't go into four low, try this. If you push the button to shift to 4 wheel drive, it goes right in while the truck is in drive. Chevy uses a syncromesh type transfer case, which will shift while in drive no problem.

The problem is the low range gear is not syncromesh; the truck needs to be in neutral to take it in and out of 4 wheel low, otherwise there is a load on the transfer case gear, and it will not allow it to mesh.

I hope this helps.

18th Apr 2013, 23:08

Well I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado 2500 and just had to have it smogged. The next morning I got in to go to the store, and noticed a humming noise, and I checked everything I could think of while driving down the road, and nothing was on.

When I got to the store and got out, I noticed the noise of something still running (with the engine off). I went right back to the smog place, because I figured they had to have done something, right? Well they were of no help, so I went to my tire dealer and they checked it out, and told me it was the ABS pump/module. I left it with them to see just exactly what they needed to do. They called and told me the ABS pump/module was burned out, and it would cost $1000.00 for a new one or I could go with a reconditioned unit for $438.00 installed. I about fell over, but after reading all the posts all over the Internet about them, I am relieved that it will not cost more than that. We tow a 30' 5th Wheel, so I had to get it fixed. I will not take a chance of something major happening out on the highway.

This is the first major item other than tires that I have had to repair. Actually it is the only item I have had to repair, with a little over 120k miles on it. I think I am very lucky, and I'm very happy with my Chevy.