1999 Chevrolet Silverado LS Z71 5.3 Gas from North America


Love the truck, hate the frame


#1 ABS, fix: Pulled fuse, hate ABS anyways.

#2 Brake lines, corrosion, blown lines, replaced.

#3 Frame rusting out from under the body.

General Comments:

Both rear shock mounts have broken free from the frame.

All brackets attaching the exhaust system have fallen off the frame.

Gas tank fell out on the ground back in Oct 2011; had to be towed to garage. Repair was just under $370.00, and was told do not ever fill it again, and they will not guarantee this fix, as there is nothing on the frame to completely hold it in place. So I keep it at around 1/4 tank of fuel; my commute to work is 10 miles.

I am on the NHTSA complaint watch on this, and the info I just received back from them, from GM, is that they do not expect their cars or trucks to last more than 10.9 years, and most people trade their cars and trucks in at 7.6 years, after trying to digest all the legalese written in their response.

I know I will never buy another GM product again, unless it is older than 1970. I am done with this truck.

The truck looks like it is brand new. There is no body rust, no dents, scratches; it looks great.

If I could get a new frame, I'd be beside myself. GM refuses to do anything about it. So bye bye GM.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2012

25th Oct 2012, 22:57

I have a 1999 Z71, and the gas tank brackets broke, leaving my tank on the ground. I'm glad I was able to stop before a fire happened.

Any feedback on the problem or a good fix? This should have never happened.

Thanks, Don.

1999 Chevrolet Silverado LS from North America


The wiper, turn signal, cruise control was replaced by a dealership (don't remember date) over 5 years ago. The wipers now have a mind of their own. They will run for a minute or two when I hit mist, and the washer only works when it rains.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2011

1999 Chevrolet Silverado 4.8 from North America


I love my Chevies!


Well, first the entire motor blew, and we luckily found a rebuilt motor on ebay and replaced it. No problem on a used car, since we have no idea how it was cared for, engine wise before we bought it. The outside and interior was in great shape.

Now, within a 2 week period, we have 2 vehicles with the same problem. The ABS light came on, along with the humming of a constant sound, even with the truck turned off. Yes, taking the fuse out works, and a couple of shops have told me it is okay to drive without this expensive repair.

My personal truck is a 2002 Avalanche that we have had since new. Very strange that they both go out in 2 weeks. Both are expensive to replace, even just buying the part and doing it ourselves is close to $1000 each. I would like to know, why, if this is a persistent Chevy problem, WHY has it not been addressed?

I love my Chevy, but this is making me think twice before buying another.

Chevy needs to address this issue.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2011

1999 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3 from North America


Piece of junk, & GM knows it!!!


All the same problems as the rest of the unfortunate guys who have this LEMON!!!

General Comments:

Wish I had kept my Ford, I have never owned a Chevy till this truck, and will never own another!!!

How does GM justify so many trucks with the same issues!!!??? HMMMMMM??? No freaking wonder they went bankrupt!!!

Hey Obama --- were is my bail out!!!

GM and CHEVY can @$#%@#$^$#%!!##

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Review Date: 24th January, 2011

1999 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 4.8 Liter Vortec from North America


1999 Silverado AKA Planned Obsolescence


This truck is a money pit. Just plan on pouring money into this truck to keep it running. If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself), then you DO NOT want this vehicle. When I refer to HAL, I mean anything ECM or computer related. One would expect to fork out money to replace components, but I found replacements for this truck to be way more expensive than for any other truck I have ever owned.

1) Push button 4 wheel drive never worked reliably, only worked when HAL felt it should work. Sometimes it would get stuck in 4L or 4H. Intermittent problem. The worst was when I needed 4H and it didn't work. And that AUTO 4 wheel drive feature - JUST STUPID! You're in 4 wheel or you're not. Otherwise get an AWD. Dealer solution was to replace the transfer case at exorbitant cost.

2) Frame broke at 60,000 miles during normal driving conditions. Dealer solution was to replace the frame at exorbitant cost. Weld solution.

3) Transmission went out at 120,000 miles.

4) Fuel pump failed at 80,000 miles.

5) Knock sensor failed at 90,000 miles. I suspect HAL.

6) Check engine light was a perpetual night light - HAL again? I suspect it only went out when it burned out. Mechanics could not find the source of the fault.

7) Driver's window regulator failure. Expensive and difficult to fix.

8) Driver's window button controls intermittent failure.

9) Engine Control Module problems - threw spurious codes frequently. HAL for sure! Dealer solution was to replace the ECM at exorbitant price.

10) The frame and suspension are way over rated. This truck was never meant to leave pavement IMHO. Wires and cables that hang low for stuff to catch on.

11) Tailgate stopped opening due to failure of components within the tailgate.

12) Occasionally, when driving in snow, the snow would compact around the transmission selector mechanism and made it impossible to put truck in park.

13) Brake rotors are cheap. They were completely eroded to thin wafers in a few years. My other vehicles did not have this problem.

14) For DIY : Plan on heating up your BBQ to change out the universal joints for the first time ;)

15) Power and instrumentation wires to fuel tank were run between the tank and a sharp edge. There was little clearance and the wires shorted. This was occasionally causing my fuel level indicator to bob radically. It also caused my engine to suddenly die spuriously. Plan on armoring this wire loom.

16) Fuel level indicator not accurate at all, even after changing the in-tank assembly. HAL?

17) Hit a speed bump one day and the little ABS module started running perpetually. Kept running. Pulled fuse. Dealer solution... exorbitant cost to fix.

18) When accelerating from a stop, transmission would make a thump sound. My wife said it sounded like the horn, but I don't think so. Dealer solution... exorbitant cost to fix.

19) O2 sensor premature failure.

20) Ghost seats! I would leave my truck for a while, and go to get in, and the electronic seats would be adjusted all by themselves. They liked to self adjust as close to the steering wheel as possible. This had nothing to do with the keyless entry. Why HAL, why...

21) Computer readout for odometer worked when HAL felt like it should work. That courtesy reminder thing was annoying because nobody who changed my oil would reset it. Good intentions on GM's part, but people are lazy. Maybe I could have reset it by doing the Texas two step with my brake pedal and ignition key LOL.

22) Bed metal was thin; don't throw anything in there and expect it not to dent.

23) Fuel filter is not easy to change for DIY.

24) Plastic escutcheon around tail gate release fell off.

25) Found my rear view mirror laying in the driver's seat one day. Never seen one fall off before. Easy to fix.

I am done ranting, there is more, but what's the point? I will never buy another Chevy truck as long as I live - case and point.

General Comments:

The 4.8 liter Vortec, when it was running properly, was very powerful.

Ride was very smooth.

Air conditioning and heating functioned great.

The truck looks sharp.

I liked the hooks that were welded into the truck bed - very convenient.

The truck started fine in all weather conditions.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2010

9th Oct 2010, 10:33

Look at it this way... you're rid of the piece of garbage for 6 years now.