1st Nov 2010, 16:59

I have had three trucks of this body style. I have always been a Chevy guy and this truck is the reason why. My current truck is also the oldest being 90. It has 140k on it and runs like it was new. It even outperforms my father in law's newer GMC Sierra. It's fast, has more power than I would ever need, and runs great, even though it's 2 decades old. It's been well maintained and I've had no mechanical problems at all. I will keep this truck until there's nothing left of it, and it'll probably be my son's first vehicle.

11th Dec 2013, 14:34

I have owned my 1989 ext cab long bed for 22 years.

Second owner. Now has 403,000 miles.

AMAZING TRUCK. I work this truck every week, drive it every single day as a contractor. Reach through the driver's window, turn the key and it fires right up, every time. Gonna see 500,000 miles soon and it will still be priceless to me.

22nd Oct 2017, 20:39

I just bought a 1989 Chevy Silverado 4x4 with about 200,000 miles. I paid $1500 for it and just before I took possession of it, the owner told me the brakes went bad. He gave me the option to renege on the deal and he would keep the truck, or he would have the truck towed to the shop and have the brakes fixed if I would reimburse him for the cost. He said he would give me the receipts for the brake work, which came to $750.42. Other than that, the truck seems to be solid. Is that a good deal or did I get taken to the cleaners?

16th Mar 2021, 03:35

Got taken to the cleaners.

16th Mar 2021, 18:26

You got a good deal. These trucks last forever. Paying $2200 for a truck which has new brakes and which will last for many more years seems like a steal.

16th Mar 2021, 18:34

For a brake job in my area, the price is comparable.