23rd Mar 2006, 17:21

I have the truck with the Borla Exhaust. Yes I use my Silverado to haul and tow many things. I recently brought home pavers and walls for my backyard (quite heavy) with no problems... yet it is a very cool Silverado. Its nice having a sports sedan an Acura TL and a sporty truck. Sorry I am not a Cobalt driver, but I would not find fault in that.

29th Sep 2006, 14:52

My 2001 Chevy Silverado LS Z71 is the best, most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. And it's fun to drive. It was bought new and I've done the routine oil changes, etc. The only problem I've had is a broken tailgate handle part ($8.00 with free install) and a broken drivers side mirror. I was folding it back in a parking situation and the plastic swivel thingy snapped. Some black electricians tape fixed it and one of these days I'll buy a new one. I'm not real excited about my gas mileage, but hey, it's a full size truck with four-wheel drive! Great off road, but too wide for serious off-roading. It's got 100,000 miles and is paid off, and still with no problems. Maybe I'll drive it for another 100,000 miles. Then again...

3rd Sep 2009, 08:54

It is a shame he has had these problems. I bought my 2001 Silverado Extended cab in 2003 with 28,000 miles, now have 115,000 and zero problems, and I tow campers, haul heavy loads, etc.

Have always used synthetic oil, changed every 5k, and yes, it has a very slight "rattle" (carbon rattle) when you first start it up if it is cool out, but has never used a drop of oil, and runs like a raped ape. I average 22 mpg on the highway, with the 3.42 gears, so I love mine and will keep it a long time before I trade in on another.