1985 Chevrolet Sprint 1.0 from North America


Reliable part of the family!!


Not much has gone wrong, but I like to make sure everything is going to go right so I've replaced front brake pads and rear brake shoes and rear wheel bearings all for under $100. There was a slight noise when I turned right so I replaced both CV axles, luckily there is a core refund on these so I spent less than $150. Replaced the clutch thinking it was worn when really the transmission bolts had just vibrated loose causing poor clutch performance, $100. Routine maintenance, oil and filter changes, air cleaner change and spark plug replacement all very quick and really cheap. I drive long distance so I purchased seats from a 1998 Metro for $40 at a wrecker and am very comfortable now. Thermostat was stuck open for the longest time, I didn't really notice until the mercury dipped really low, now it's too hot!

General Comments:

This is my favorite car I've ever owned. It is immensely reliable and so easy to maintain that I have a hard time finding cars that compare. I purchased the car in Campbell River, BC and drove it really hard on logging roads out there and the car took every bit of it and still drove straight without hiccup on the highway. I've since driven it from BC to Ontario with all of my belongings and a passenger and again, the car never once had an issue. The mountains were slow going averaging just 60km/h going up, but I did have the satisfaction of being passed by a big dodge pick-up going really fast who later broke down on the side as my Sprint slowly pulled up and over the summit. Averaging 130km/h on the prairies was no problem. I thought for sure something bad would happen, but nothing did. After 26,000 hard km I'm still driving and loving the car, especially now in a northern Ontario winter hand brake turning is a blast. Also, the car without being plugged in will start almost immediately the morning after a -35 Celcius night.

'Tud' has never let me down.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2008

30th Jan 2008, 13:50

Years ago I have a 1986 Chevrolet Sprint Plus. it was the loaded version of this car and I loved it. I drove that car for years. the gas mileage was excellent. I believe the engine had around 286,000 miles on it when it started acting up and then I drove it another good bit before it had lost so much power it wasnt driveable anymore. It was a great car I had no complaints about it. I called it 'Speedy.'

1985 Chevrolet Sprint 1.0 non turbo from North America


One of the best cars ever made!!


Alternator, water pump, timing belt, front wheel bearings, rotors, calipers, brake pads, clutch.

Common problems I have seen in various sprints are head gaskets, Piston rings, if the engine has been overheated, this causes high oil consumption.

CV joints and CV boots.

Also rear shocks and rubber shock mounts .

The body has stood up good considering it's 23 yeas old.

The vinyl on the seats are thin and tear easily.

Some were all cloth and they have lasted better

I have also noticed that a lot of sprints have door glass tracks that are failure prone and the glass will tilt in the track and jam up when rolling the window down.

I'm starting to have this problem with mine.

General Comments:

In my opinion the Chevrolet sprint is one of the greatest small cars ever made.

The engine is reliable, and basic to service.

I have to add oil every 2000 miles, I usually change the oil and filter at this time. The oil consumption has not changed in the time I have had it.

Parts can be expensive, but are worth it considering the outstanding fuel mileage.

On many occasions I have loaded the sprint to it's maximum payload. The 1 liter engine still has enough power to drive 55 MPH in 3rd gear up 12% hills.

The manual transaxle is smooth shifting and really reliable.

The interior is a better quality then the Chevette and there was more leg room than it also. I am 6'6" tall and can comfortably drive the sprint.

The handling is excellent. Corners really well and is good in the snow and even off roading . The suspension is also decent.

I am averaging 65 miles per imperial gallon.

I have got a maximum of 68 MPG on different occasions.

I would like to be still driving this car in 10 or 20 years, they are great little cars and are lots of fun to drive.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2008