1985 Chevrolet Sprint 2 door 1.0 2bbl SOHC from North America


Best little car I've ever had. She's the energizer bunny. Just keeps going and going... and going..


Battery replacement.

Tail pipe has rotted at 1st bend in front of rear axle.

Negative battery cable vibrated bolt loose from trans-axle case.

Front pads, rear brake shoes, and wheel cylinders replaced.

Rear wheel bearings cleaned, repacked and reinstalled.

Rear side window latches broken when I purchased car.

Upholstery is shot on seats, carpet wore and trim moldings loose or missing.

Hatchback lock Assembly working, however rod attachment on lock cylinder broken and will fall out of its holes.

Shocks need replacement.

Front headlight housing ring is loose, but stays on.

General Comments:

Previous owner had bought the car new in "85. Vehicle was very well maintained mechanically. I purchased vehicle from a Towing business when no-one claimed the vehicle after it was impounded by police for no insurance.

I have driven the car for two years now and have not had any problems.

It passed DEQ for the state of OR with the hole in the tail pipe.

What repairs I've made, listed above, have been routine maintenance.

I am looking at a clutch repair soon. I've been waiting for it since I purchased it.

The carburetor needs a rebuild I was told, but couple of solid smacks of a hammer on the side of it broke the jets loose, run out what grit and grime had been there and is still working to this day.

It has been giving me approximately 30mpg. After major tune up it is increased 2mpg more. Carburetor running rich still, but after adjustment I expect even more mpg increase.

No fluid spots have shown up on garage floor, she runs great.

Showing possible electrical wear in steering column and ignition. Slight delay between key off and engine dying.

All lights, gages, knobs and switches working perfectly.

Steering is tight, quick, responsive.

Gear syncro's are wore, shifting has popped out of reverse and 1st gear doesn't always go in. Usually when engine is cold, but just double clutching or moving just a bit by releasing parking brake and she slips into gear.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2007

1985 Chevrolet Sprint 3 cylinder 1.0 from Mexico


The best car for the city, the worst for the highway


The clutch went at 150,000 miles.

The air conditioning has never worked since I have had the car.

The head gasket blew at 155,000 miles.

The hatch struts have never worked since I have had the car.

General Comments:

The conditions the car was when I got it were absolutely terrible. First of all, it was dirty like nothing I've seen before. The cloth of the seats was torn, stained, smelly and had dog fur all around. I went to the upholster the next month I got the car and put in new cloth, for about $140.

Next, the engine was weak and noisy. It started mixing the water and the oil for nightmare results. I rebuilt the whole engine by myself the summer of 1999, for $350.

Then those trips to the junk yard became a routine. Since I started to go to them I have bought a carburetor that had the original adjustments, a radiator, electronic module, and a lot of small things like wheel hub caps, emblems, and so on.

Between those trips to the yard, I have fixed the radiator, replaced the water pump, replaced the starter motor, battery, shocks, struts, muffler, Constant Velocity Joints, suspension lower arms, and engine mounts, brakes, tires, and I have painted it myself twice. But nothing that it did not need.

The problem I have had almost every year is the head gasket. Since I replaced it myself, I must have not tightened the bolts right, but each year I get it better.

Right now, the car is in an incredible condition, like new. The minute you get in, you forget what year it is. And most important, the car is very reliable.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2003