13th Dec 2000, 04:56

I received a 1987 Turbo Sprint for free from a lady who didn't keep up any maintenance. The car had 98,000 miles on it. I overhauled the engine myself, and am always pleased with its reliability and performance. That is one tough little car, and a blast to drive.

I also own a 1968 SS Chevelle with a 400hp small block in it. My wife and I still argue to see who gets to drive the Sprint. That says it all.

I wish that parts were a little more available for the turbo model. Several of my friends have Sprints also, and a couple of them have over 200,000 miles on them. These cars are still running strong. Live on Sprint.

20th Feb 2001, 17:01

I have an 87 Turbo Sprint. I adore this little car. It currently has 165k miles and starts on a dime.

I replaced the original turbo @ 128k miles with a new unit costing $670. I purchased the unit from a aftermarket firm for turbos. The dealer wanted almost $1000!

Other than that, I have done basic mechanical work. Reman distributor @ 125k iles, new water pump @ 150k miles for $36, & when I purchased the car @ 107k, I had the timing belt replaced.

I hope to get the 250k miles many other Turbo Sprint owners appear to enjoy. I just started using 1/2 quart of oil every 2500 miles. It never used/burned any oil @ all until recently. Still, @ 165k, that isn't too bad.I would like to keep it running well for a long time.

Such an easy car to park, with plenty of power & good space inside for it's size. It even has cruise control :)

21st Jul 2001, 20:54

My 87 turbo sprint has 338,632 miles on it now... never had any major problems with it yet... and I drive it hard (I've busted both the front and rear stabilizer bars and gone through many a 12 inch tire).

In fact, the only complaint I have with it is the rust. I live in the middle of Canada, so my little car has seen many winters, and lots of salted roads... otherwise, I can safely say that its been the most reliable little car I've ever owned. It still gets its regular maintenance, and can still hold its own in a stoplight drag session.

Actually... thinking about it.. the only other complaint I have is that they don't still make the turbo models... I think I could grow to love one of the 1.3 liter ones with a turbo strapped to it :)

14th Jan 2002, 22:30

I bought a Sprint Turbo new in '87 & after 15 months & 137,000, I let it go. (BIGGEST I MISTAKE EVER MADE!!!!!!!)

Clutch was going out was the only problem I had. I raced it in a spectator race (2 cars, one lap, 3/8 miles. track), won 1st race against old model car with big V8, lost second race by 1/2 car length to a 71 Mustang Mach 1 with a 429. Won first event entered in the SCCA Solo II competing against 12 cars from a older VW Beetle to a corvette & an RX-7. Took it to the drag strip and ran 17.035 @ 80mph. Beat some trucks and cars with V8's, but was blown away by the serious competitors. ex. 66 Mustang, 69 Chevelle. But still proud of the numbers. Huh, no wonder the clutch was going out. Duh!!

Recently bought another Sprint Turbo with a bad engine. Bought engine in good shape, had turbo rebuilt, replaced fuel pump, filter, strainer (ordered) & electronic control module. Car would run fine through gears, but after hitting fifth, it was like the fuel was cut to a trickle, motor barely running. If I cut it off & back on, I could get back to 5th for a minute before the same problem starts again. Now, cannot get out of 1st before fuel problem starts.

Gas tank is really rusty looking and strainer was orange. Hope that will correct the problem, but I am open to any opinions or comments that might help to resolve it.


25th Oct 2002, 22:56

My 87 turbo sprint now has 311,000 on it. I found another motor at the junk yard so I can have it rebuilt. been a really dependable car, and is very easy on parts. I will purchase another turbo from turbo city in so cal... this is my commuter car for the fact of awesome gas mileage, other than my 89 integra which I also love to drive.

8th Nov 2002, 00:19

November 07 2002.

My '87 Turbo Sprint has 367,000kms. It still has the original clutch and timing belt. It's been across Canada twice. I drive it 200kms a day. The turbo is weak, but the body was in good condition until I backed into it with a plow truck. I still drive it daily, and love it.

14th Nov 2002, 10:24

I have a '87 Chevy Turbo Sprint with 250,600 miles on it. I am the original owner. The only problems I have had with it were: replaced the muffler 4 times, replaced water pump, replaced timing belt, and now need to finally replace the alternator as it went out yesterday. The clutch slips a little, and will need replacement soon. I still get 40 mpg and use it daily as a commuter and long range driving at 80 mph. Great little car, unfortunatly it has a lot of rust from wet salty winter roads.


4th Dec 2002, 09:27

Hi I have a 1987 Suzuki Forza. I buy it recently and I love it I just wanted to know if someone can help me to find the factory turbo system for it. Please e-mail me peorotativo@hotmail.com. I will be very thankful.



12th Jan 2003, 08:39

I am on my second Sprint bought one new in 1987 loved it, just got another 87 with 99,940 miles runs fine burns no oil and still gets great mileage. These cars were cheap that was the point they were commuter cars in my mind. The one I just got still runs up hill at 75 and will gain speed. I think they need to build more of them..

8th Jun 2003, 02:07

Wow. This '87 Sprint Turbo musta been a baby. 140K. White. I am parting it out. Whaddya' need?

15th Nov 2003, 00:11

I am looking for a turbo sprint or firefly does any one know of any for sale??? If you do please email me. blazertpi350@msn.com Thanks.

24th Aug 2004, 14:36

I am the guy that last reported 165k miles. I now have 188k miles. On occasion the motor will suddenly drop the idle and stay low. If I stop it will often follow with shutting off. Sometimes the idle will drop a bit, and all I need to do is barely tap in the throttle and it will stay a few hundred RPM higher all a sudden.

Is it the spring in the mass air flow sensor? An ECU issue? Sensor? Alternator? PCV valve? Other possibilities to look into?

Seems to happen more when driven for a bit, but there has been few times where it happened not long after driving.

Anyone else have similar problem and found a fix?


San Jose CA.


13th Oct 2005, 14:15

460,000 miles.+ and still getting 53 MPG. Best car I ever had.

15th Oct 2006, 16:55

Check for vacuum leak (s) in the PCV valves, and intake manifold to fix your Idling problem. I had the same problem, it was just a disconnected PCV hose (87 turbo sprint 46803 miles).