30th Jan 2007, 20:36

It was just a loose hose on the distributor. Popped back on and all better after 10k of "wondering what it was".

24th Dec 2007, 13:18

I'm looking at getting an '87 Sprint. It is a non-Turbo.

How easy and how expensive would it be to have a mechanic add a turbo to it (provided there is a turbo out there to find)? It has 171,000 miles on it. Maybe just put in a new or rebuild engine with turbo?

What other engines could used instead?

1st Feb 2009, 22:40

Not worth turbo-ing your car. Better to just buy the Turbo Sprint you want. It is a lot more than just bolting a turbo on your engine. The heads are different, distributor, fuel system, etc. You will dump way too much into it. Sorry. Maybe put a complete turbo engine into a non turbo car?

21st Apr 2009, 15:13

Just got a 87 turbo sprint 65k mint condition, however it won't rev past 3500. It has a boost/fuel cut.. also has a check engine light on constant. Does anyone know how to check to see what the code is? It's an old car so any help with either problem would be appreciated... I'm leaning towards MAF sensor, but maybe someone has encountered the same problem? Thanks in advance.. email: m3tech95@yahoo.com

22nd Nov 2011, 08:52

I've seen a number of mileage stats throughout this review/thread, and I'm kinda stumped as to why they are so low; the highest I have seen is 59 miles per gallon.

The reason why I find them to be low is because I used to carpool with someone back in 1987 who owned a Sprint (same year model). Was just a base hatchback, 4-seat model, no turbo, 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder, 2 bbl. carburetor on it. Anyways, during the time that I carpooled with this person (approx. 3 months), this car was getting very near 70 miles per gallon with average speed of 70 miles per hour, on the highway/freeway, mostly hilly terrain (definitely not much flat).

It was an amazingly comfortable car to sit in for someone my height (6'3"). The car was also amazingly quick, right off a dead stop. I actually drove the car a handful of times, and I was quite amazed how quickly it went through the gears. Before I knew it, I was doing 75 miles an hour.