1984 Chevrolet Suburban C10 Silverado 700R4 5.7L 350 CID from North America


Best SUV/utility vehicle ever produced!!!


Minor components i.e.:

Door lock/power window switches.

Window motor.

A/C hoses dry rotted.

Vacuum system.

Fittings and hoses leaking from age.

Body rust.

And standard maintenance items associated with a 30 year old 170,000 mile vehicle.

Steering pump.

Fuel pump.

Water pump.


A/C compressor.


Heater core & hoses.

Dash pad cracks.

Interior wear.

Faded anodized trim.

Mylar chrome body trim cracking.

Exterior enamel paint chalking.

General Comments:

Overall this is absolutely the best truck platform ever built by any manufacturer. The LT9 350 was the M-code low emission engine at 160 HP, 10 MPG highway or city mileage (don't care what anyone else has on those stats!). It was never fuel savvy, but for dependability, toughness, and serviceability, it rates high in all categories. Put gas and oil in it and drive anywhere. Great towing and hauling capacity, decent comfort and great A/C (with the dual system).

I purchased this truck in 1995 with 115k miles for $1200. After my first oil change at a fast lube joint, I spun a main bearing due to the oil filter not being tightened and inspected before leaving the facility. 4 miles down the road. That $39 cost me my fine engine!

The truck at that time was in such good overall shape it prompted me to restore the entire truck drivetrain, so at 115k we rebuilt the engine and transmission, replaced u-joints and checked all suspension and steering components, which were all still tight and within spec. Replaced the brakes and gave it a front end alignment, and have since put another 55k trouble free miles on long road trips all over the US. Only been driven on outings, pulling my boat, and on long distance vacations.

This has been the best service vehicle I have ever owned for the dollars invested. I am still running on all original suspension parts including the shocks! The truck still tracks true with no odd tire wear, and still has a very comfortable ride for a true truck platform. This truck still has the original factory exhaust and catalytic converter system with slight rust on the tail pipe section only (where the rear tires splash the pipe).

After a total investment of roughly $5500, the original purchase price, plus all of my repairs, all options and features on the truck work like new with the exception of cruise control, which I removed.

I may never part with this as I am currently removing the emission systems in an attempt to improve gas mileage and boost the HP up about 50 or so using an Edlebrock performer intake, slight cam upgrade, long tube exhaust headers, and turbo dual exhaust. The only negative ever on this truck was the poor fuel economy. I am working on a recipe to attempt a 200+HP, 14 MPG average finished product while still running the original Rochester 650 CFM Quadrajet carb. I estimate about $1000 in parts sourced from eBay and other discount sources. Back in '95 the emissions system was still required, so it was repaired with the engine overhaul back then. Now it's past the requirement age, so off to the scrap yard with the emissions system and we'll see if we can get the HP and mileage up.

I still look forward to many happy miles and memories in this truck, as I affectionately refer to it as the "sh*ggin wagon :)" She's been on many an adventurous camping and boating trip, and has never failed me or let me down, not to mention the hundreds of comments and inquiries I get wherever and whenever I stop for fuel. Most people can't believe the age and condition, and are impressed with my matching rig set-up of a 2 tone red and white 1984 Suburban, and 2 tone red and white 1988 Chaparral 178 sport and ski that I tow behind her.

Chevy/GM will never manufacture a better platform, and no other manufacturer has matched this level of durability and serviceability in any utility vehicle!!! Check out LMC Truck and view the restored versions of these fine vehicles. I estimate that if you found a solid specimen to restore, you could build your own long distance cruiser for roughly $10-12k including a paint job. You can't buy a new one at $40K+ that would ever last as long with minimal servicing and maintenance. This is truly the last of an iconic breed of SUV. They were "THE" SUVs before the term was ever coined!

Let me hear about your Suburban!!!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2014

1984 Chevrolet Suburban C20 Scottsdale 350 from North America


Awesome. I'm gonna restore it


The brakes seem to keep air in the lines. It makes braking a little difficult, but it still stops good.

Gas gauge doesn't work. I believe the float in the tank is stuck.

General Comments:

The is a beast.

With the 3 seats, there is plenty of room for family and friends.

Where I live, my driveway when it rains gets sloppy muddy, but my Suburban drives in and out no problem. I don't even have to use the 4 wheel drive.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2014

29th Jan 2016, 22:45

My parents purchased the 84 Suburban brand new when I was 11 years old. As soon as the warranty expired, my father changed the intake, carburetor and added a homemade water injection kit. We had the 2wd, 350, 700r4, and a limited slip 373 rear end. From that point on, we always got 19 MPG highway. I don't know what city MPG was, due to the fact that we were always on the highway. Pretty cool for a square tank on wheels.