1984 Chevrolet Suburban Custom Deluxe 400 CI V8 from North America


Starter went out 3 days into owning it.

Leaks oil past the oil temperature sensor.

Previous guy never put a gasket under the thermostat neck after putting on an Edelbrock intake and 750 CFM carb.

Bad rust, but I'm going to restore it.

Windshield is cracked badly.

General Comments:

Powerful, and overall great for $650.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2013

1984 Chevrolet Suburban C20 Silverado 454ci V8 from North America


Room For everything, power to haul


Tires were severly worn (right rear delaminated on freeway 3 weeks after purchase)

Courtesy light switches on door frames are twitchy.

AC is dead, nothing visibly wrong, seals probably dried out and R12 leaked.

Had to replace pan gasket, leaked about a quart a week.

Suspension is shot, needs new shocks and springs.

General Comments:

The 454 is an absolute monster, I can stomp on the gas, make the tires squeal, and move like a bat out of hell. Of course this causes the fuel gauge needle to move just as fast.

Normally I get about 13 mpg city/11 mpg hwy. I don't know why but I do better on city streets and I never go above 55mph. If I try going above 60 the mileage really goes to hell.

6 passenger version came with the 40 gallon fuel tank, always keep between 1/4 to half tank. A full tank weighs so much it also throws off mileage.

Rear seats fold and this turns the already generous cargo room into a small apartment.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2008

1984 Chevrolet Suburban S-10 6.2 diesel from North America


I'd not hesitate to take off anywhere in North America in it tomorrow morning


Electric door lock on drivers side this week.

Needed injector pump rebuilt at 225,000.

Glow plug timing circuit died at about 200,000.

Headliner started coming down and seats wearing badly at 200,000.

New fuel pump at 195,000.

Rebuilt transmission at 210,000 and I'm told, 150,000.

Yearly recharge of air conditioner.

Cruise control died at about 200,000.

General Comments:

It's a tank. A smelly, sometimes tempermental tank. And I love it to death. It always starts if treated right. The motor still runs as good as it ever did and when everything is right will make close to 30 mpg. I know people who've put over a million miles on one of these without a rebuild. It has power to spare and seating for a regiment. You can haul full sheets of plywood with the back seats down. One tip. Use an electric engine heater in cold climates or do as I did and put in a propane engine heater. It's started for me at 25 below (f) in a North West wind.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2007

28th Apr 2007, 23:04

Sounds like a great truck!! Although I'm not sure if they made an S10 Suburban. Are you serious about the 30mpg?! That's really good, sounds like a really good solid rig!

29th Apr 2007, 22:28

My 88 gets 16 when babied. so I'm doubting the 30mpg figure. these things are literally bad ass tanks. they never die! good luck with your burb!

31st Jul 2010, 12:08

Sure, 16mpg. But is yours a diesel? Throw a reader a bone. Conflicting stories.

1984 Chevrolet Suburban K20 Scottsdale Goodwrench 350 from North America


It's a horrible gas-sucking monster that gets the job done


Front brakes (pads for now, will replace calipers and rotors at next pad change)

Severe body rust (the tailgate is rusted shut, wheel arches, rockers, door bottoms)

Engine performs poorly for a new engine, needs tuned properly.

Transmission leaks fluid (1 pint every 500-600 miles)

AC inoperable (hose is cut under the hood, compressor is good)

Driver's power window inoperable (will replace motor and possibly regulator soon)

Left rear door was inoperable when we got it, I have that where it opens and closes properly now.

General Comments:

It's a big old beast. For $900, it's probably one of the best values we've had. It seats 9, has 4-wheel drive which works well, it gets 10-11mpg which is better than driving two cars that got 18mpg and 20mpg.

The truck was originally sold in Missouri and then lived in Colorado for awhile, so road salt has taken its toll on the body. It looks fine from a distance, but when you get up close you start to wonder why it's still in one piece. I just hope to get 2-3 more years of use out of it here in Texas where the rust won't spread before moving on to a newer model Suburban.

For a Goodwrench replacement motor it sure is sluggish. I'm thinking they put in a new motor and didn't bother setting the timing or mixture or anything. Probably just a long block replacement. The vacuum advance is not hooked up, there is oil all through the PCV hoses and pooled in the air cleaner, and the radiator outlets are all rusted.

The only other bothersome part about the truck is the dash pad. It's cracked here and there, but the problem is the pad (factory) is brown. The rest of the interior is either yellow metal (to match the body), tan plastic (to match the seats), or black plastic (to match the instrument cluser). Why would they put a brown dash pad? It just looks stupid. Will replace with tan or black soon.

I wouldn't touch a half-ton Suburban after having this 3/4 ton truck. It is way underrated at 3/4 ton, that's half of what it carries. The payload is 3000lbs and it can tow up to 7000lbs. The next Suburban we get WILL be a C20, K20, or 2500 model of some kind. No sense moving down.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2007

16th Feb 2009, 14:04

10-11 mpg diesel isn't bad for a family vehicle. Those who scoff find it more responsible to load up the family in death traps like caravans and such, putting their entire family at risk of death at every intersection. That's irresponsible.

I've had the privilege of owning the exact truck and I stand by it. Your mileage is a bit low for what you can get out of the 6.2L but the dependability and security offered by the Suburban is worth the trade no matter.

The Goodwrench motor is as you've experienced. My '84 Sub had one dropped in about 60,000 miles ago and it's lacking in what you'd expect from a big diesel. However, it starts easy, runs great and has proven itself to be quite dependable despite its' slow acceleration.

Another way to ensure that your diesel maintains performance is to run it everyday. Even when you're not planning to tour the town, a good 30-minute idle every morning seems to keep things running smooth and 'predictable'.

Best of luck with your 'beast'.

8th Jun 2009, 20:54

At 49,000 miles we were pulling a small trailer and the thermostat blew, causing it to smoke.

23rd Oct 2009, 17:53

I have had my 1984 Suburban for almost 5 yrs now and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!! I have a 5.7 Litre 350 V8 motor in mine with a overdrive auto tranny and it is a powerful workhorse. I don't get very great mileage granted, but I do get 15-16 mpg on the highway and I do not believe that is too bad compared to the 6.1 L diesel motors!!! This type of vehicle I would recommend for everyone who want a a reliable 4 wheel drive with a family and lots and lots of room. I tow my camper with this truck and it does really well, and I also use it for snow plowing and this thing will go anywhere a person would want to go.

28th Nov 2009, 06:42

I love my truck, 1985 Plainsman Suburban 4X4, 350. It's my 3rd of 5. Was a custom built truck that I have have had for about ten years. They don't get any better built ones than the old ones.