1984 Chevrolet Suburban 8 cylinder gasoline from North America


A great and mighty beast!


Needed new transmission.

Needed new alternator.

Needed to be re-wired to get the rear window to work.

General Comments:

This truck is a hoot! We bought it for a farm truck and to pull a horse trailer. I won't go far in it because of its age, but this is quite a vehicle. Lots of power, lots of character, very comfortable and an obscene amount of room. I wish I had gotten it when it was younger!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2007

1984 Chevrolet Suburban silverado 10 chev 350 V8 Gas from North America


Tough, Reliable, Big Old Fashioned American Truck


Paint is peeling on roof.

Shocks go soft quickly.

Bad Gas Mileage.

Poor Radio Reception.

Wind noise at Highway speeds.

General Comments:

Always starts, even after sitting idle for long periods of time.

Will tow or haul anything.

Excellent Highway cruiser with lots of power.

Comfortable interior.

Very tough, able to go on any type of bad road, potholes etc. with no damage.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005

28th Sep 2006, 09:34

I strongly agree... changed my 700 trans, but with good reason... it was abused for 20 years. back to new again.

1984 Chevrolet Suburban C10... I think 350 Small block from North America


A great old truck, but the gas mileage is brutal


The air conditioner doesn't work; of course not, it's a Chevy.

I had to buy a new filter; the old one was like a brick.

Burned out the clutch; replaced with one out of a bread truck, solid disk.

The seats are torn to the point that they would have to be replaced.

The odometre doesn't work, that's why there is no mileage listed, the gas gage has never worked right, the speedometre doesn't work, and I've had to wire in seperate gages to measure the voltage, temperature, and oil pressure.

The back brakes used to lock up if I barely touched the brake, and so I've just unhooked them, and I am relying on the front brakes.

General Comments:

All in all, a very dependable old beater. I use it as a work truck, and try to avoid the main roads as much as possible, as this truck is geared so low, that it only has a top speed of about 50mph at 4000 rpm. I'm afraid to take it much higher than that.

I've converted it to a standard transmission, and stuck on a four wheel drive front axle, and put locked differential in both axles, and even rigged up the transfer case, so that the front wheels turn a little bit faster than the back wheels, in four wheel drive. If anyone asks me what year it is, I just say, "Which part?"

To a lot of people, this may look like just an old beat-up Suburban, but to me, it's a Rolls-Royce in overalls... and mud-boots.

I doubt there is anything this truck won't tow, as long as it can get the traction. Just shovel some gravel into the back, and try again.

I wouldn't hesitate to drive it back and forth to work every day, but the gas-mileage is horrendous.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2004

30th Dec 2007, 17:30

Chevy doesn't make Crown Victoria's...