1999 Chevrolet Suburban LT 5.7 350 V8 from North America


Incredible truck with reliability and room to spare!


- 2 of the interior door handles broke and needed replacing.

- Several speakers were blown and needed to be replaced.

- Front seat warmers function intermittent.

- Wiper motor had to be replaced twice.

- A/C system developed large leak somewhere so the A/C did not work.

- TRANSMISSION. As most GM truck owners can attest, the 4l60e is the most prone to failure. This was the largest repair I had to perform on the truck while I had it... Just the nature of the beast unfortunately.

General Comments:

Hands down, the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Even when the transmission was failing, it still got me home. Push button four wheel drive never had an issue. Matter of fact, with the exception of the intermittent seat warmers, all electronics worked and never had a problem.

And talk about versatility!! Not many vehicles can handle 6 or more adults plus a week's worth of camping or beach gear, but the Suburban gobbles it up and asks for more. Next you could clean it up well and go out to a nice dinner, but just as quickly turn around and run this truck through the woods on a trail. And weather does not stop this truck. Point it at a blizzard and drive, no problem.

Stopping power on the original brakes is pretty poor so I upgraded the front brakes to towing grade slotted and drilled disks with new pads and calipers. I recommend them to all the OBS GM truck and SUV owners as it completely changes the confidence you have in the truck stopping.

The Suburban was a great workhorse and never, ever let me down. Not to mention it was super comfortable. It loses a few marks because of the poor fuel mileage which was not friendly to my wallet, but that is to be expected of such a heavy vehicle and old V8 technology. The truck did give great power though, and a quick muffler and tailpipe change gives the truck a great sound. I do miss the big girl, so 10/10 would buy again!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2017

1999 Chevrolet Suburban K1500 LS 5.7 from North America


Awesome if you aren't afraid to fix a few things


Electrical Problems:

Hazard light short circuit short circuits the turn signals. Solution: Take steering wheel covers off and clean all electrical leads for hazard lights. This solves the problem.

Towing hitch wiring rusted out, causing a short circuit and start problem. Solution: replace wiring harness, this solves the problem.

No start: New key made, produces no start and security key warning. Solution: Put the battery on the battery charger, insert the key and turn until all lights are on, but do not attempt to start the truck; the security light will remain on. Leave the key in place for 10 minutes until the security light goes off. Repeat the steps 2 more times. This solves the problem.

No start: Remove the key cylinder, clean all leads, put back in, this resolves the problem.

General Comments:

Love it, a beast in the snow. I don't have to shovel my driveway anymore. I just drive through it, even with 2 feet of snow on the ground. Was able to venture very deep with deep snow to go sledding. No other cars or trucks attempted this. It was fun being the only ones having fun.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2016

1999 Chevrolet Suburban LS 5.7L Vortec V8 from North America


A real workhorse


5 fuel pumps since 2002.

Brake lights failed numerous times.

Transmission issues.

Driver's seat leather on the base of the seat is wearing very badly.

Brakes always feel underpowered and spongy.

General Comments:

You're probably reading some of the aforementioned faults and probably thinking, what a POS!

As much as I would love to slag this truck off, I simply cannot. It has been without doubt the most loyal and hardworking vehicle I’ve ever owned! Sure, it's had its problems, but it has never once left me completely stranded. My Suburban is my breadline, it's how I'm able to run my business every single day. Even with 307,000 miles on the original engine, it still cranks to life every time and thinks nothing of making routine trips from Orlando to Miami every week. It burns no oil and runs like clockwork.

During my years of ownership, I’ve noticed that several problems re-occur and keep coming back, for example FUEL PUMPS. My Suburban has had 5 in 10 years. Funny thing is, it doesn't seem to matter if you buy a Delco or a cheap 3rd part brand; they all seem to last about the same amount of time. They also always go out when you have a full tank (44 gallons!). I've done the job so many times, I think nothing of it.

Driver's door handles also seem to be a common weak point on these trucks. Easy enough to replace and not really a major thing.

The brake lights have failed me on numerous occasions; turned out to be a wire rubbing on the steering shaft, eventually shorting to ground.

Fuel gauge dances around does what it wants until it gets to approximately 1/4 of a tank, and then works fine down to empty. It has done this since I’ve had the truck, and despite the sender being part of the fuel pump, replacement never seems to correct it. Doesn't really bother me.

I've never felt that the brakes on this truck were up to the job. Sure, they do work and stop the truck, however it can be scary at times though, especially when pulling a trailer. I've always had routine inspections and insist on factory components.

The transmission has literally LOST gears on some occasions. The last episode it lost 1st and Overdrive. After some research, I found out the shift solenoids were bad. I replaced them myself and restored the tranny to perfect working order.

Despite these issues, she's still running. I could trade it for something newer, but why! Despite the mileage, it still drives like a Cadillac. It really owes me nothing. The seats are unbelievably comfortable, the stock sound system still sounds amazing, the dual zone air conditioning works like a champ. You can carry nine people and still have room for luggage, or lose the 3rd row and fold down the second and have acres of space.

I've driven newer Suburbans. Don't get me wrong, they are very nice vehicles. But my older 99 feels like it has substance, like it's more heavy duty. The doors and sheet metal definitely feel more durable than newer builds.

I have really tried to be honest with this review. I'm not saying they are the best vehicle ever or that there aren’t better alternatives. Maybe I've just been lucky with mine!

I will be utterly saddened when this truck comes to the end of its life. Let’s hope it goes another 300,000 :)

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Review Date: 14th January, 2013