1999 Chevrolet Suburban K2500 7.4 from North America


Sophistication of a 7000 lb wheelbarrow


Batteries (dual Optimas) dead in a couple of days recently. Dome override switch heard clicking wildly when first entering vehicle. Depressing dome override switch stops clicking immediately. Is this simply a relay failure (short)?

General Comments:

Mileage as expected. 12+ mpg with a good tail wind.

Pathetic brakes. Always have been. Stainless brake lines helped a bit.

Switched out all front steering components recently. New everything including urethane control arm bushings. Much tighter now. Drives like a Kenworth, not a car.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2010

15th Jan 2013, 11:41

These things weigh about 2.5 tonnes... you can't really expect it to drive like a car.

1999 Chevrolet Suburban LT 5.7 Vortec from North America


The absolute best


Door handles don't work.

A/C hose leaked out all the freon.

Tailpipe hangs off the muffler.

General Comments:

The greatest vehicle ever made. After being in my family for 9 years, the only money we have into it is the gas.

The most dependable vehicle you will find. I love being to go out in the -20 degree Iowa winter and being able to start it up on the first try. Also 9 years of boat hauling was done easily with this beast.

Now working as a Toyota technician, I can easily say this is the best vehicle on the road.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2009

1999 Chevrolet Suburban K2500 LS 6.5 turbo diesel from North America


Love the truck, disappointing reliability in the 6.5TD


The PMD (pump mounted driver) failed.

The plug between the fuel pump and PMD was bad and had to be replaced; pull the intake manifold off, replace parts, new gaskets, and then re-install (not very easy)

Replaced all brakes, typical for a truck this size, however the rotors & hubs were shot.

Glow plugs & glow plug relay three time! That is just poor design as they continue to not perform and every other diesel out there can in cold weather.

Both front power-lock controllers and handle parts within the doors.

Washer fluid reservoir as well as washer fluid pump for rear wiper.

A couple misc. switches inside; nothing different from a GM truck.

General Comments:

I love these trucks, in fact, I still have a 1994 Suburban with a 454 tbi and will run that truck into the ground as it has 203k right now. I bought this truck for the mpg and the power of the diesel. I do feel the power is that, as it runs better than the big blocks and the 350 in high-altitude/mountain passes is a joke (although it is not a Duramax/Cummings/Powerstroke). However, over the last 3-4 months I have far too many issues relating to the engine itself.

We use this truck for our cabin and it gets cold up there. I usually plug it in (and all the time while in town) but when I cannot, it will not start at all. Had the glow plugs and relays replaced so many times and nothing works. Even when plugged in overnight, it is difficult to start while my friends' Cummings kicks right over without being plugged in.

I have also had issues with the Auto-ride 4wd system. I love manual shift, they never should have made electronic 4wd an option in a 3/4 ton truck!

Bottom line, the 6.5 TD is a disappointment. I had high-hopes for it however it cannot hold up as a reliable working engine. I am sure it would be fine on highway and last a long time, but for towing, cold starts, and mountain driving I am going back to the 454.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2007

1999 Chevrolet Suburban LS 5.7 Liter Vortec 350c.i. from North America


Good overall, very comfortable and roomy truck with great styling


The water pump blew on the same day as our vacation to Colorado; Had to rent special tool from auto parts store to get it off.

Starts hard sometimes, battery has been checked, but that is not the problem.

Fuel Pump is going out, sometimes when starting, if you don't give it a generous amount of gas when just idling, or it will die. (Cost $400)

General Comments:

Very comfortable truck.

Great design.

Vortec 350s will last forever.

Gas mileage isn't great, but that is expected.

Safely went from Kansas to Ohio, pulling a 3,600+ pound 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible one way with ease.

Great styling and overall great truck, but hey, what can you expect? It's a Chevy!

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Review Date: 15th November, 2006