7th Jun 2013, 15:20

1st review - the mileage really wasn't that high on this one. And why should gas mileage be cut in half just because it's not new? People apparently like this truck, because 3 other people were looking at it at the time that I bought it.

7th Jun 2013, 16:24

I am on my 5th Corvette over the years. I cannot praise the newest gen models enough. Bulletproof drive trains and a blast to own. The GM 2014 waiting list will seem a lifetime.

10th Jun 2013, 16:51

Just did the first repair on our 11 year old GM SUV with 117,000 miles on it. I replaced the water pump and drive belt at a cost of $77. The spark plugs are still the originals, as are the brake pads. The hoses and drive belt were like new. I only replaced the drive belt because I had to remove it anyway.

I bought new brake pads for all four wheels two years ago, but have not installed them because the original pads at 117,000 miles show less than 3/32" of wear.

This has been one of the best vehicles we have ever owned. $77 in repairs in 11 years figures out to less than $8 a year.

15th Jul 2013, 19:07

I'll sell you mine and you can brag about the 6 cracks in the dashboard while you're showing it off. I've owned 18 wheelers with half a million miles on them that didn't look like trash like the Suburban. GM went bankrupt for a reason!

16th Jul 2013, 10:02

The new ones are very nice. Bring your wallet and enjoy!

27th Jan 2015, 00:31

Although it's unfortunate the transmission needed repaired/replaced, it seems unreasonable to be unhappy about that at 187,000 miles, and it seems even more ridiculous to blame GM for an aftermarket shop's bad rebuild job.

As someone who's owned multiple Suburbans, I sympathize with your complaints about interior quality, but I also feel that you have an abnormally high number of problems. A quick read of these boards would support that argument. It looks like you bought somebody else's abused vehicle. Remember - almost no one sells a perfectly good used car - usually there's a reason (or reasons) they're getting rid of it.