13th Aug 2001, 09:37

I have driven a SUBURBAN 2500 4WD 1999 in Europe since early last year. From lost snow areas in the Swiss Alps (-20C), down to the Algarve of Portugal (+40C), in Paris, Frankfurt and Milan, off-road on the Alps and miles and miles on highways. And all this with a 6 person family and lots and lots of luggage.

Never drove a more comfortable car, never had any problems, great driving with a great driver's view. A true king of the road! About twice, people wanted to buy the car right away since the 2500 4WD is very rare in Europe.

Looks good for business and is attractive for a large family. A great all American car with a understatement of appearance I love.

14th Aug 2001, 12:53

My 4 WD, 1500K 'Burban has about 35K miles on it.

Very reliable, great range (44 gal. tank), lots of room, excellent performance with the standard engine.

But the brakes are not what they should be. They get hot as hell on hilly, twisty roads. Have replaced my rotors once, and pads twice.

6th Nov 2002, 17:31

I have a 1999 4WD Suburban 1500 with the 350 V8. When I first bought it with 31,000 miles on it I had to replace a bad rear shock, heater blower fan and have the transfer case serviced for an updated new "Blue fluid" All covered under warranty. Since then its been great. I too had to replace the rotors and brakes because of warping. I'm not impressed with the braking system, but otherwise it's a good truck. 17 MPG on the Highway isn't bad either.

1st Jan 2003, 09:45

I also have a 1999 suburban 1500 350CI purchased at 32,000. Single problem of rotors. We did not have rotor and drum warping until 42,000 miles. We had turned twice, but the warping returns within the first 100 miles. It seems we will also be replacing rotors and drums every 35-40k. One potential solution I am researching is a stock rear rotor/disk replacement package which may better redistribute the drag weight and reduce resulting heat. The issue is whether the weight of the vehicle is simply too much for the thin mfg stock rotor system design.

29th Mar 2003, 18:07

1999 Suburban LT 2wd 5.7L. Original owner, currently 44000 miles. Wife's truck for hauling kids, cellos and groceries. Great design, so-so quality. Love taking this thing on trips with family. Several trips to beach driving over 750 one way is very comfortable way to travel. Mileage not bad either if you keep a steady foot.

Bothers include original battery ruptured causing acid damage, second dealer one died (finally replaced with a Die Hard). Had to have outside mirrors replaced under warranty because they vibrated excessively. Alignment terrible even after dealer had a go (and charged for "knock outs") until a frame alignment shop got it perfect. Water pump started dripping oil so I replaced at 30000 miles. That should not happen! Grey seat leather is cheap and absorbs die from clothing so the seats no longer look so good. Have odor problems with A/C and minor fan noise at low speeds. Had intermittent wiper problems where they would not shut off, but this was corrected after cleaning the control module connector. Again, fabulous design, inconsistent Chevy quality.

I hope to keep this a long time as long as big problems don't start cropping up. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

27th Apr 2003, 13:33

I purchased my 1999 Sub new. I absolutely love this vehicle. I can't say enough about the comfort and amenities that it provides, as well as pride of ownership. But, it definitely has problems. Curiously, all of the reviews I have read, none of them have said anything about the faulty "injectors". My vehicle has 41,000 miles and the "Service Engine Soon" light has come on four times for this problem. Fortunately under warranty. This is a known problem to GM as the first occurrence was under 36,000 miles. I was sent a notice from GM that this problem was warrantied to 100,000 miles and recently received a second notice that injectors were now warrantied to 200,000 miles. Well last week the light came on again and my dealership replaced the injectors under warranty. I can only hope this is fixed.

My brakes are very mushy. What I mean is I step on the brake and wonder if I'm going to stop, so I press on the brakes a few more times. I always stop, though.

I seem to have a lot of play in the front end. My steering wheel has about two inches play in both directions. I would like some information about that alignment. Dealer said he got some 'funny' readings in his EVS (?) test, but after driving my Sub said nothing was wrong.

I love this vehicle and would like to have this steering thing fixed or information that could help resolve my questions.

I also tow a 22 foot boat and find that this is not the ultimate tow vehicle. Any comments on that are also appreciated.

28th Apr 2003, 17:54

First let me say I love my Suburban. But, I seem to have developed a small electrical problem. It started with the left turn signal. It just stopped working. Then it would only work if the dome light switch was set at that first notch. Then it progressed to it works fine, but the instrument panel lights don't come on any more, except when the left turn signal is on, which means the panel lights flash in unison with the turn signal. Do I have gremlins or has anyone else seen this?

9th May 2003, 10:38

I am a Ford guy who's wife decided that she liked the Suburban because of the extra room behind the 3rd seat. I decided to play along with the decision.

In 2001 we purchased a 1999 1500 4x4. I feel that we got an excellent deal on the vehicle, with only 28,000 miles on it we only paid $18,500.00 for it from a local dealer who has a great reputation here in Denver. On the way home from the dealership we put a CD in the player an it died keeping the cd inside. Next morning the dealer called to thank us for the business and we mentioned this and they replaced at no charge to us. (Thank you Bozarth!) The next week the power steering failed on a family vacation to Yellowstone Park. After a very difficult drive home took to dealer and they replaced at no cost to me. (thank you again!!)

Since that time there has been some minor repairs that I have made that are really not to big of a deal. But the one thing that I am trying to get figured out is the front suspenstion. It seems to bounce around a lot. My shocks still look pretty good and not leaking. I am concidering installing a pair of Ranchero 7000's on the front to help absorb some of the problem. I would be interested in any feedback on that. And beside the "rattling" front doors, (may be related to suspenstion) and the chronic brake problems, that I feel is a MAJOR design flaw that would be easy to address by the manufacturer. Overall I rate this vehicle a 7.

I will most likley gravitate back to my Fords after this vehicle has run it's course. And if it wasn't for the unbelievable dealer here in Denver who's service manager, and department were terrific, I would have unloaded this vehicle last year... Just my thoughts!!