20th Oct 2003, 09:15

You should have stuck with Ford. Chevy/GM are always bloody lemons.

20th Dec 2003, 14:49

WRT to the last comment, I have to disagree, both Ford and Chevrolet have proven themselves to us to be very reliable, after a bad 1995 windstar, that is the only bad vehicle we have had from either brand. ALL the Chevys we have had have been excellent.

Chrysler is a different story, we have never and will never buy a Chrysler vehicle, make your own opinions of them, we stay away from Chrysler.

12th Jan 2004, 12:26

I have had the same problem with the 4x4 dash light. They replaced the modular. But the same problem still exists. The mechanics said it was our fault, we were putting the 4x4 on wrong. Low and behold the problem still exists after taking it in 3 times. Never again will I buy this piece of crap.

4th Feb 2004, 16:45

I don't know what is going on here. I had cars from many different companies and they were all pretty good. There are somethings that go wrong, but that is technology. I am not always in the best of moods myself.

Things will break, get a life.

9th May 2004, 19:16

My 2002 LTZ has proven to be reliable, and an exciting well-designed ride. I have determined, that given all the units manufactured, there will be a few glitches... Get over it! get it fixed, and be glad you didn't buy the Land-Rover! This Chevy product is my answer to the mid-sized SUV needs I was looking for. All vehicles have problems... the ones mentioned her are minute, considering ALL the things that COULD go wrong!

19th May 2004, 15:35

I have to agree with these people that say things break so get over it. I have a 2002 LTZ and I haven't had a single problem with the car yet; it's a fantastic piece of machinery as far as I'm concerned. And things could be A lot worse. I had a car that was in the shop EVERY month and the bill was always at least $500. So comparatively, you have nothing to worry about if there are a few electrical problems going on.

7th Jun 2004, 20:07

To the guy who made the Chrysler comment, Chrysler is just as good as your Found On Road Dead piece of crap. The reason why people have bad luck with them is because they think they're Honda's, and they're NOT! If you go by your owners book, you get it serviced on time by people who know what they're doing, they will run forever.

4th Dec 2005, 23:39

Everyone can have their own opinion about what brand is the best. I don't know about anyone else, but it seems the more technologically advanced automobiles become, the more they break down. I have never seen so many people drive such pieces of crap. In the muscle car era, you drive the crap out of your car and it would keep right on going. Today, if you did that, the car would be done before the warranty is up. This is just my observation, you can make your own judgement.

14th Jul 2006, 09:18

I have to disagree with that Chrysler comment. They can be serviced by the manual and they still suck.

I had a 2000 Dodge Durango that I bought from my aunt when it was one year old, and she said don't buy it, it has too many problems, let some loser buy it and be sorry. Well I didn't listen and bought it, and what do you know, it was in the shop every week. I missed school 11 times because it would stall on the highway and I had to deal with the truancy people. I even voted my car the worst car in my high school, and even a 1992 Ford Taurus that was falling apart didn't run as bad. And didn't get worst car of the school.

19th Nov 2012, 09:30

I love Chevy... Have had several much older models... '55 3600, 67-72 Blazers, Panel Truck/Ambulance and several Pick-ups. This time we went with '01 and for the 2 weeks we've owned it, it keeps coding for a slipping transmission, but when the mechanic drives it, he says it's not slipping. I want my '72 Blazer & Panel Truck back!!