22nd Apr 2008, 13:41

I own a 2002 Trailblazer - Since July of 07. This last weekend I get home and when I tried to get the keys out they did not come out, I could still start the truck at the time, so I finally went to bed. Next day I tried starting the truck, and nothing happened. Everything else is working but they keys are stuck and the engine is not responding. I will tow it to the dealership tomorrow. I had to get a ride to work for the past two days. After reading all the comments I dont want it anymore. I will get it fixed and trade it. I am not planning to deal with that.

27th Apr 2008, 19:45

Hello all, I own a 2003 Chevy TB. Purchased brand new in 03. Currently, it has 126k miles, never gave me any trouble other than the recall on the lights... until FRIDAY morning. Parked TB in driveway Thursday night (with no problems) got up the next day truck will not start, key will not come out, attempted to get a jump from neighbor nothing happened... however the switch did turn and was able to remove the key. But my TB still will not start.. all the lights come on and the radio will play.. I noticed on most post the weather is cold.. I live in Florida...

30th Apr 2008, 15:17

I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer; back in October same thing happened to me. I was listening to the radio, turned the ignition off for about ten minutes when I turned on the ignition the car wouldn't start. The key got stuck, there was no power. I got a boost it didn't work - there was a small spark. An hour later I got another boost the car started but I had no power (lights, radio, windows etc. were out). I took the vehicle to the Chevy Dealer and I had to pay $600 - they said I blew a fuse. They also said the I almost ruined the computer box (not the right name) and that would have cost me thousands of dollars to fix.

15th May 2008, 09:41

I thought I was going crazy until I saw this site. A couple of weeks ago I started my '02 Trail Blazer to a dead control panel. My gauges were all stuck on "0", no odometer. My turn signal lights would come on, that's it, so I drove to work that way. Started it at lunch time, it was fine after that. The other day I pulled out of my drive and it died on me. Turned the key, all my power would come on, the gauges were going all over the board. I couldn't get it in Neutral to push it. I finally got it to start back up so I could get it back in my garage. Took it to the shop the next day, the computer pointed to a bad ignition switch. Replaced that ($191 total). We will see how long that fix lasts. I did have my headlight go out on me about a month ago. Had to replace the whole light for about $350.

1st Jul 2008, 20:25

I was just about to purchase a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer with 65k miles for about 6k, but now I'm having second thoughts. Has anyone been able to fix the starting up problem??? Wow, I guess my next option will have to be a Nissan Pathfinder or Ford Explorer; too bad since I like the look of the TB :(

3rd Jul 2008, 09:47

I have a 2006 Trailblazer. It has the same problem. Took it to the dealer when I was having trouble starting it and the car wouldn't act up. Then finally it died at the store and would not even come out of park to get it on the tow truck. It was the ignition switch.

3rd Jul 2008, 10:34

I was able to fix mine by getting the starter switch or ignition switch replaced, no problems since then. I will never by another Chevy though if/when I get a new car. 6k for a 2003 with 65k miles sounds cheap, is something wrong with it?

19th Jul 2008, 17:52

2004 Trailblazer -- Have been too many chevy dealers --ignition switch replaced twice and starter replaced. Go out today and it won't start again. Need to replace Trailblazer.

30th Jul 2008, 09:21

Has anyone had engine problems on their 2003 Trailblazer? At 64,000 miles I just had mine replaced for $8000. I was told the #2 piston exploded in the engine necessitating replacement. I was out of state and at their mercy. Any similar problems?

3rd Aug 2008, 01:35

I came to this website looking for answers regarding my 03 Trailblazer and its alternator issue.

In May the alternator spontaneously caught on fire as we were leaving a restaurant shorting out a battery cable. Luckily we were in the driveway of the restaurant and not on the highway and my husband was able to get the fire out.

It was towed to the dealership, the alternator was replaced along with the battery cable. No problems and running fine for 7 weeks then on my way home from the lake the "battery not charging" light came on. I called OnStar and the diagnostic determined for some reason the battery was losing power and not charging. I made it home and let it sit on Sunday. On Monday morning I headed to the dealership and made it to within 1 mile before it died. It had to be towed again. The battery and alternator had to be replaced that time. I had the dealership check out the electrical system to see if there was something shorting out the alternator. They said nothing was wrong with it. They also checked with GM to see if other dealerships were having a lot of issues with alternators. There were none. At this point I am just hoping to get past the 2 month mark. I have not had any other problems with the Trailblazer before this.

26th Aug 2008, 17:36

I have a 2003 Trailblazer V6 engine.

Battery died a few months ago after listening to the radio while mowing the lawn (not too smart I know).

I had a company come out and jump start the truck. Ran fine for 2 months, then suddenly (note cold weather outside) this morning it wouldn't start at all. Had a company come out to jump start the truck (not the same company), the technician put the leads on and the posts sparked but the truck started.

Great! I think. Until I drove to work. Windows wouldn't roll down, no radio, cannot lock the truck, no interior lights, air conditioning won't work (by then it was warming up outside).

At work I had our Maintenance tech's look at it. We checked all fuses, none blown. Then one of the tech's looked on automotive forum and found someone else with the same problem. The 125 amp "mega" fuse was blown. Drove it to the dealer, part costs $15, drove it to the auto repair shop where a nice guy replaced it for me for $10 after a long conversation about how it couldn't possibly be the main fuse.

Aside from that, other issues I've had with this Trailblazer; gear shifter won't transfer gears without slamming it up and down (something must be stripped), keys won't come out of the ignition periodically, tail lights & head lights frequently blown, weird sounds coming from the engine, the "service engine light" has stayed on for about 3 years (dealer can't find the problem), strange grinding noises when I stop the truck, and lastly the gas mileage is HORRIBLE.

Time for a new vehicle, this time NOT a GM product and NOT a GAS HOG.