7th Sep 2004, 22:34

Hi there, I have a '78 Caprice that had the pulse-wiper/washer system. It wasn't working when I bought the car, and they can be a pain to get working right. My fix was to install a regular washer pump motor on the inner fender, and run the rubber tubing to and from that, by-passing the pulse system, and connecting the washer wiring to the pump. Just make sure the hoses and wiring are installed the proper way, or it will run back-wards. The washer should then work like in a normal system. It works great for me.

18th Jan 2008, 18:27

I own a nice 1990 G20 High Top Dealer Choice 1233 Conversion... do not believe anti lock brakes were actually avail til 1993. Mine only has 77,000 miles 350 V8 now has a new radiator, front discs rotors, one new battery have 2 batteries switched, new starter. Beautiful woodwork, seating power bed etc, the Color TV, Nintendo, VCR has to go the only real complaint and I am planning some better update with new LCD, DVD. I think GM has the best styling and especially like the Mulberry Rosewood Black Grey paint combination on my conversion. Great towing vehicle with factory trailing package and the kids love this vehicle. I also own a new GM 4wd SUV easier to drive and also great, but this is the best on a real trip. The gas mileage is equivalent and the 33 gallon tank is an eye shocker to fill but worth it for quality family trips. These are very dependable vehicles and mine is barely broke in.

27th Dec 2015, 09:25

You really get 24 MPG now? I'm thinking about buying one tomorrow for $1500 with 131,xxx miles on it. If that's all it takes to get 24 MPG, then I'm all for it.

27th Dec 2015, 16:58

I'd rather have the 350, even if I only got 12 MPG highway.