1995 Chevrolet Van G20 Conversion from North America - Comments

9th Nov 2011, 00:34

Yeah, buy USA and buy a Ford.

Chevy is government owned now, we support the government plenty with the illegal taxes they are paid every year.

Personally a Land Rover is a much better vehicle.

14th May 2013, 08:54

Good morning, I just read your comments online about your van. I am quite impressed. I also have a 1994 Chevy Van with less than 120000 miles. It runs like a top. It's my first conversion van and I love it.

I'm putting in new window motors over the weekend, and would really like to take the old tube TV out and put in a nice flat screen with a DVD attached to the side of it. If you have any ideas or examples on how I should go about this project, please give me some input, or who does that type of work?

Love my van. It rides good, feels good, and is just a great van.

15th May 2013, 10:01

I laughed when I read about Land Rover. Worst vehicle we ever had; engine issues, blown air suspension, super loud annoying buzzers. Dual instruments that seemed overkill. And it was a Range Rover.

My best vehicle also was a 1990 High Top Chevy Van. To answer the TV mount, I first removed the old TV VCR and even the Nintendo unit. I bought a DVD mounted in on the shelf. I bought a small flat screen and covered the entire opening where the old TV was. I used a bracket and mounted it. I mounted the electric strip behind the TV on the shelf. I fished the electric wiring single wire to the rear and connected to a large Duracell battery box for 110V. It ran for many hours until I got home and plugged it into home electrical supply for a recharge. I believe the Duracell box was around 100.00. I chose this as engine off there was no 12V battery drain. Even though I had a 2 battery system, I liked the direction I took. Changing to a flat screen and DVD was fantastic. The boomerang antenna remained on the rooftop, but quit working when everything went away from off the air signals.

My van was a beauty with a great conversion. I had Cadillac Ditzler paint and the Dykert seating was like a corporate jet. I regret selling this great van.

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