9th Nov 2011, 00:34

Yeah, buy USA and buy a Ford.

Chevy is government owned now, we support the government plenty with the illegal taxes they are paid every year.

Personally a Land Rover is a much better vehicle.

14th May 2013, 08:54

Good morning, I just read your comments online about your van. I am quite impressed. I also have a 1994 Chevy Van with less than 120000 miles. It runs like a top. It's my first conversion van and I love it.

I'm putting in new window motors over the weekend, and would really like to take the old tube TV out and put in a nice flat screen with a DVD attached to the side of it. If you have any ideas or examples on how I should go about this project, please give me some input, or who does that type of work?

Love my van. It rides good, feels good, and is just a great van.

15th May 2013, 10:01

I laughed when I read about Land Rover. Worst vehicle we ever had; engine issues, blown air suspension, super loud annoying buzzers. Dual instruments that seemed overkill. And it was a Range Rover.

My best vehicle also was a 1990 High Top Chevy Van. To answer the TV mount, I first removed the old TV VCR and even the Nintendo unit. I bought a DVD mounted in on the shelf. I bought a small flat screen and covered the entire opening where the old TV was. I used a bracket and mounted it. I mounted the electric strip behind the TV on the shelf. I fished the electric wiring single wire to the rear and connected to a large Duracell battery box for 110V. It ran for many hours until I got home and plugged it into home electrical supply for a recharge. I believe the Duracell box was around 100.00. I chose this as engine off there was no 12V battery drain. Even though I had a 2 battery system, I liked the direction I took. Changing to a flat screen and DVD was fantastic. The boomerang antenna remained on the rooftop, but quit working when everything went away from off the air signals.

My van was a beauty with a great conversion. I had Cadillac Ditzler paint and the Dykert seating was like a corporate jet. I regret selling this great van.

28th May 2014, 17:16

So... as a Mercedes driver I'm dishonest, dishonorable, and callous to those in need? You never met me, dude. Not sure you're in a great place to be calling anyone rude.

As for reliability... that Mercedes is a thirty year old W123. Starts and runs like freakin' new, every single day. Let me know how your car is doing at 350,000 miles.

29th May 2014, 18:11

I had 2 Mercedes personally. Bring your wallet is my viewpoint. My 450SL and my 300SD may still be running, but they cost a fortune to keep running. It was worse owning them vs a powerboat. Everything was high parts and labor. I had a high top GM as one of our 5 cars or so at a given time. A 37 gallon tank to fill, but no high dollar repairs. Maybe I was rude as an import owner, but it was certainly nice selling ours to buy something else! We buy mostly new cars, so we know what maintenance costs are since initial purchase.

30th May 2014, 05:44

I don't think someone is going to sell a 3/4 ton high top conversion van for a diesel sedan. Probably the same new cost though. A brand new high top van with full amenities is like riding in a corporate jet. In fact my seating in the rear was every bit as comfortable. I had zero issues on mine. If I did, I would simply buy another new one in its place. These are outstanding for trips. If you are fortunate enough to be a passenger, it's even better. Watch TV with DVD with cold A/C on. It's the way to go.

23rd Sep 2014, 02:34

I agree with the G20 Chevy vans. I had a 1994 with 150,000 miles on it. I paid $1500 for it and drove it 500 miles into Mexico from Ga. Had a flat tire at the border. Other than that, a trouble free road trip. Also saved endless $$ on motel bills. Baseball, apple pie and CHEVROLET!

24th Sep 2014, 20:45

'Government owned'? If only it were so.

26th Sep 2014, 16:55

A Government lien, not owned.

22nd Feb 2016, 00:51

I have a 95 G20 van. I did not know any about it, but after reading the comments I know more about it. I plan on fixing it up for trips to go see family if it don't cost an arm and a leg.

Thanks for the comments.

28th Oct 2020, 17:42

I just came across my own post from 9 years ago. Guess what? I'm still driving the same 1995 G 20 Chevy van! I have 188 thousand on it and it runs great.

Here is the repair list (all self done):

Outer tie rods, battery, tires, Y pipe into a cherry bomb muffler, just cleaned back brakes as they were making noise and locking up in reverse (especially) after it rains, still plenty of pad on them. The body has rusted out like crazy but that's my fault; when I bought it it had tiny holes along the bottom where there was once running boards, I should have plugged or covered them up. That's where the rust started. It also had a tree land on it in a ice storm, the branch came right through the roof. I jacked the roof back up, added some metal and silicone and it's doing OK. The electric window motors are broke, driver's one works but is slow. The back door had locked up on me. I ended up going inside, hitting the remote unlock button as I'm pulling on the rod in the door and it freed up. I also loosened up the back door top latch to get some movement.

But anyway. It was funny when I realized I was reading about my own vehicle. I paid 2700 for it 11 years ago, rust free with big fatty BF Goodrich tires on back and nice rims. I've not run them in years; I bought some thinner tires with aggressive tread for our winters here. It's called UMC conversion. I took all the seats out to haul my motorbikes around. I have bought 10 or 15 bikes over the years and dragged them home in my shorty van. I went camping one night this last summer. My son invited me out. The first night I drove my Dongfang 250 Ghost out there and slept on the ground. I lasted until 4 am, it got too cold (no blanket or anything, just a coat and a roll of paper towels for a pillow. Did not plan on spending the night. LOL) I went home, and almost got killed by a huge deer popping out of the bushes. I was doing 50 mph. The second night I brought the G-20 and lasted all night in 37-40 degrees in a sleeping bag. My nose was cold but I was toasty warm in the sleeping bag.

I love my van and she looks ugly so it's time to fix her up or let her go. The 4.3 still runs strong as well as the auto tranny. I'm guessing everything will break down at once when it does start giving trouble. But I've been saying that to myself for years now, LOL. I go easy on the gas and brakes, but I would never believe it would still be good 9 years later. Unheard of. This has to be the best van or any vehicle ever made.