13th Jan 2004, 18:16

Chevy buyer beware!!!

Apparently GM sub-contracted the "Sun Shield" in their transmissions out, and they were made defective, but would Chevy tell you; NO. I have a 2002 Silverado truck at 54k, and I'm replacing the transmission. This is happening to tons of Chevy owners; just check my3cents.com or the National Safety Admin website. This is how GM thanks you for you loyalty - Ford here I come.

31st Jan 2004, 21:46

I used to love this car, but now it has become a moneypit. I drive all of my cars to 200,000 and beyond, but this one will not come close to half that. As many others have found out, this van has transmission problems that can set on at any time. The dealer is pretty ice cold about this and will gladly take you to the cleaners to the tune of $3000 for a new torque converter. I am working with an independent garage hoping to revive the van by replacing the torque converter. The engine is still very strong, so its a shame to get rid of it.

This is the reason Toyota is taking over. The big three, especially GM, have forgotten that customer service doesn't mean take all you can take them for. We can use the internet to communicate and the line that "we don't get many of these" is baloney.

27th Sep 2004, 15:29

We recently purchased a used 2000 Chevy Venture with 70,000 miles on it. The van ran great for a couple of months, but now the transmission is failing. My last van I had was a Dodge we had put well over 200,000 miles on it with no problems. Now we are stuck with over a 2,000 dollar bill from the repair shop. Reading these other comments about GM just saddens me. I will never buy another GM product again!

4th Oct 2004, 15:24

I purchased a new 2000 Chevy Venture one evening in 11-1999 from a dealership an hour away from my town on the way home ALL the lights went out (interior & exterior) on highway. We took van back to dealer and by that time lights went back on. They couldn't duplicate problem so I was stuck with what was to be the beginning of my nightmare. For the next 15 months it continued to happen and the problem could never be duplicated my children were driving in an unsafe vehicle. In 12-1999 the interior lights started to flicker they (the service mgr at the dealership) told me it was characteristic of the automobile. Yeah right! After repeated visits to dealership of purchase (1 hr one way mind you) they changed the alternator. Success! Then in 2-2000 the air bag light stayed on, couldn't duplicate problem. My van spent more time in the shop more than I had driven it. The dealership very blatantly told me not to return. I found another dealership closer. Good thing cause my fuel pump went out then at 12 months my engine gave up. It was repaired ran for about 6 hours and gave up again! I parked it and walked away never to return... It ruined my credit and GM never gave me any support throughout the whole process... I will never buy another GM product (unless I have too!)

11th Aug 2005, 15:16

I purchased a 2000 Chevy Venture about a year ago. It is a dream as far as driving is concerned. However, it has become a nightmare in other ways. The transmission shifts very hard now and then. It is not constant. You leave the house and it will bang when shifting gears. You stop at the store, come out to go home and it's smooth again. The idiot lights come on periodically and stay on for awhile. It will stall at a light and then restart with no problem. Sometimes it will idle at about 40 miles an hour until you shut it off and restart it a couple of times. We have had the trans serviced and told there is nothing wrong with it. We've had the electrical checked and they can find no problems. Any info would be greatly appreciated. E-Mail jim@paragonservices.org.

29th Oct 2005, 15:45


I also have had nothing but problems with my 2000 Venture. Right now the driver side window will not go up. Nobody can figure this one out. Also what I have been told is the transmission is going, I have taken it to Auto Zone where they plug it in for free, they have informed me that it is not the transmission, there is something or other that has an on an off switch that is staying on. This has been a big issue with these vans. Most people believe it is the transmission due to how the vehicle drives. Anyone having a problem and thinking it is the transmission take to where I did, it will save you a lotof money. If anyone is having problems with their windows going down just fine, but will not go back up please let me know if you have figured it out.

17th Mar 2006, 15:11

I purchased a 2000 Chevy Venture over a year ago and for the most part it's been a good vehicle. I also experience some problems with the tranny. If I "push" the van a little hard, not racing or anything, I get a whining sound that is accompanied by the hard shifting. I can stop at a store and go in for 15-20 minutes; come back out; start the van again; and it runs like new. This sounds like a switching problem. It's always been my habit to change tranny oil and filter screen at 100K, but everything looked good and I use good quality lubricants in my vehicles. Can someone share with me what might be happening? Thanks!

5th Apr 2006, 13:50

We bought our 2000 Venture in March of 2002 with about 30000 km. Now it has 118000 km and we've had the following major problems:

- replaced fuel pump in August 2004

- replaced fuel pump in November 2005

- broken manifold gasket April 2006

- transmission falling apart in April 2006.

Total money pit! We're now considering donating the car so that a charity can give us a tax receipt. My wife loved the ABS and the power of the Venture, but it's totally unreliable, costly to repair and unsafe in our view.

21st Jul 2006, 12:14

I'm a Chevy fan!!! I have owned Chevy cars and trucks all my life.

I have a 2003 Venture that now has 50000 miles and the tranny is now out. I have found out that the torque converter is the cause of this. If your van has a tach, you can determine early warning signs of this problem. If your tach increases and decreases at normal driving speed 55-65 mph, get it to a shop quickly. This means that the inner ling of the torque is coming apart and will destroy the tranny. The torque is a lot cheaper fix.

My van does not have a tach, but I did notice a hesitation around 55-65 mph, but I didn't think anything about it and let it go. Bad mistake!! It started making a noise and now has totally destroyed everything. It doesn't take long. Just 30 miles!!!

I believe that this is a major problem for GM and I would like to prove it to GM. I will get my van fixed, because I need to, for the family. I am still very loyal to GM, but I think they need to investigate this problem to the fullest and compensate people for their troubles!! That's all!!