15th Jun 2008, 11:50

I also own a 2001 Venture van. I now have 100k's on it, and like overnight without warning, the transmission started whining, and the next day it would make a clunking sound every time it shifted. By reading other comments, I guess I might need a new trans...

Also had to replace the head gasket at 40ks; a common problem with GM engines according to the dealer mechanic...

Come on GM, can't you get it right??? You think I'll buy another GM product again... guess again...

Also the rear strap hatch door handle broke, molding falling off over the sliding doors, back seat broken... A/C leaking.

I take good care of my things, and it's not because of neglect, this is all poor quality workmanship.

3rd Jul 2008, 20:18

I have a 2003 Venture, and it also displays some of the issues mentioned here -- erratic power door, transmission engages with a thunk when the van comes to an almost (California) stop. If the car is allowed to fully stop, it's fine, but forget to baby it, and the thunk into first appears. I've been advised that this is the shift solenoid. Ironically, it seems to act better when I tow a small trailer. I just want the thing to last long enough for me to pay it off and get rid of it. I've always liked Chevy's and usually run any car I have until at least 175K -- this one hasn't yet 100K. I don't think it will make it. Too bad, it's not a bad car otherwise. For the record, I had to replace the transmission on my Honda Odyssey -- that cost almost 4500 dollars. At least this transmission can be purchased rebuilt for about 1300...

22nd Jul 2008, 18:08

Don't let the thunk fool you. I own a 2000 Venture and experience this at about 90,000 miles. Had the transmission replaced for over $2,000 and the thunk now is intermittent at 130,000 miles. Here we go again. In addition the fuel gauge isn't working, the rear wiper motor is shot, and we have had the door rubber on the passenger side replaced 4 times. Battery? Replaced 3 times.

12th Sep 2008, 08:44

We purchased a 2000 Chevy Venture from a dealership 07/2007. When we first received it, we complained about the lights flickering. They said it was a bolt on the alternator and it seemed to be fine, for a few days. Since we received it we complained 7 times in the 90 days of our warranty and after that they flat out refused to do anything more to fix it.

They did tell us that the problems with the electrical system we were having, was that the electrical harness needed to be replaced. After reading these posts, I see that we have 90% of the same problems as everyone else. But no one has stated they have had to replace the electrical harness. Could this be the problem after all?

Oh, and our battery moves every time we turn a corner to the point before we go to start the van, we have to open the hood and push the battery to the left and back all the way or it will not start. And no, it isn't a connection problem. Already had that checked 4 times.

Now they are saying we have a seal problem too. Electrical is $900 to fix. I have no idea how much the seals will be. We are a low income family and this is our only vehicle. I don't have a clue as to how we will get it fixed. Any idea's, email me at Robbzillag35@aol.com

12th Oct 2008, 08:15

Our 2000 venture LT has been good to us. We had to replace the head gasket, as GM used antifreeze that ate the factory gasket away. Other than that, at 168,000 miles, I can't complain, except for one issue. Most Ventures I have seen are rusting out under the rocker panels on both sides. This is a manufacturing defect and GM should do like Toyota did and pay to have this repaired. There should be a class action against GM on this issue.

5th Nov 2008, 19:22

I have a 2002 Chevy Venture van with 44000 miles. It loses about 3-4 qt. of oil between oil changes, but no smoking and no leaking?? Where is the oil going? Is there a problem with this model of van?

2nd Dec 2008, 22:13

I purchased a 2000 Venture in Feb. 2008 and it was beautiful. The van purred like a kitten. After owning the car a whole 3 days, my entire exhaust was shot, along with a tie rod and shocks and needed an alignment.

My engine light came on in the van so I panicked. I brought it to my mechanic and he hooked it up to his scanner thingy and said everything was fine!

Van ran well up until I went to get it inspected in October. I needed 4 tires (alignment was bad!) rotors, brakes, shocks. After $800.00 in repairs, I thought the nightmare was over.

The engine light that was on was now blinking. The piece of crap sounds like it is going to stall when I slow down. It shakes like crazy. I bring it back to mechanic who says that Cylinder #5 is misfiring (what ever the hell that means). Don't have a clue how much it is going to cost! Just want to set the thing on fire and roast marshmallows.

Like this isn't bad enough, tonight I am backing out of a driveway and it sounds like someone is shooting at me with a machine gun. But then it stopped! I don't know what to do with this hunk of junk.

I will NEVER buy a Chevy vehicle again!!! I had a Plymouth Voyager before and I NEVER had these kind of problems.

I think we should all get together and have a class action suit like the other person said! I am a single mom of three children and I can't afford to constantly worry about fixing my car!

7th Feb 2009, 12:26

Chevy Venture problems...a) our gas gauge stopped reading accurately. One dose of "Greased Lightning Fuel System Treatment" ($10) cleaned up the mechanism in the gas tank and now it works fine. b) our wiper blades stayed in the up position when shut off. Spray lube on all the moving parts solved the problem.

Don't trust dealers!! The 4T65-E transmission in the Venture was used by the millions on various GM vehicles. If a dealer tells you it needs to be replaced, find another dealer, you're being played for a sucker. This unit is the best on the road today, equal to anything Toyota makes, maybe better. Ours has been flawless, now at 120K miles.

28th Apr 2009, 08:03

2000 Venture 126,500

Electrical issues:

Gas gage used to flutter, now it's always on full :)???

Back window wiper never worked.

Have to work the windows to get them back up occasionally.

Once the radio didn't work, but now it does.

Physical issues:

Rubber plate over sliding door came loose.

Tyranny: I am here today because it has started to whine and clunk when moving through lower gears.

Things I have learned today: try replacing the solenoid, if replacing the tranny, do so with a life time warranty, live with the electrical ghost, try cleaning the copper contacts on the power window buttons. People like this van as far as style and comfort and interior versatility, as I do. GM sucks, (sorry, I'm from Mich, too) Bailout, yada yada. REFUND!

9th Oct 2009, 06:38

Owned a 2000 Chevy Venture since June 2002. We purchased it with 37,000 mile on it. I was Out of town when the wife purchased the vehicle. When I first drive the vehicle it seemed to have a jerk to it. Decided to keep driving it. BIG MISTAKE! If you own, one get rid of it. All the problems posted by others you will experience at some point. I have been there and done that with this vehicle.

7th Jul 2010, 21:40

I purchased a 2000 Venture in August 2000. I am very pleased with this vehicle. I have purchased GM most of my life.

My problem is my tranny is shifting funny sometimes, so I pull over and stop, turn off the motor for a few minutes. I then restart and move on and the problem ceases.

I notice lately it is happening more often. Could anyone advise me why?

19th Apr 2011, 20:59

Well I have a 2001 Venture and I totally LOVE IT!

I have no problems whatsoever and I had it over a year. Will I buy another? YES most definitely. So for all you guys that are ad talking this vehicle - just can't see why...

4th May 2011, 09:57

I've had to tighten oil pan bolts on my 2002 Venture a couple of times. Don't overtorque them. I have over 120K and may use 1/2 quart between oil changes.