7th Mar 2008, 23:07

I own a 2002 Chevy Venture and it started to leak coolant from the manifold intake gasket. The leak is next to the thermostat.

Power door lock button quit working.

I will never buy a Venture again. I don't recommend this GM Product.

20th Mar 2008, 09:12

I have a 2000 Chevy Venture with approx. 190k that I purchased used only 2 months ago. It too has most of the same flaws listed here.

I have been able to repair some of these problems such as the wipers getting stuck in the upright position, but it was a really aggravating experience.

The head gasket had already been replaced when I bought it, and I was told by this dealer that I should get at least another 100,000km out of it, (assuming the rest of the van holds together).

Also the power locks were repaired by cleaning the contacts on the door frame and door.

Some of the problems I haven't been able to fix are the blinking lights throughout the interior and exterior. I have found some references to this problem though, which suggest adding a secondary ground strap to the alternator.

My transmission and starter seem to act up occasionally, and I have seen some evidence of minor fluid leaks, including water entering through the windshield behind the roof console.

As for the rust problem on the rocker panels, well, I live in one of the worst areas in Canada for rust, and this seems minor to me.

I have owned many different makes and models of vehicles, and I have yet to find one that isn't riddled with problems, small or big.

The only solution for me was to read these forums, and hopefully find some inexpensive way of repairing the problems.

I hope this was helpful, and wish you all the best of luck with your current vehicles and future investments.

14th Apr 2008, 11:07

Hello, I have a 1999 chevy. Venture and this van sucks. Transmission shifting hard, my gas gauge goes up and down all day, after the winter my under body rusted out real bad, and now my temperature gauge goes up and down like a yo-yo. I'm a sucker for getting one of these.

14th Apr 2008, 11:58

I was thinking at first that maybe my problems with the 99 Venture were isolated. A former mechanic buddy of mind recommended the van when it came in to the shop. I think I could handle a few issues from time to time, but come on.

Fuel gauge went kaput and stranded my family, the tranny start shifting ruff, then it went on a permanent vacation. That one hurt.

Electric issues... don't get me started. ABS light started intermittently appearing around the time when I rotated the tires, indicator lights go nuts when I press the brakes. I have the air bag light stay on then off, then on.

I have thought about pushing it off the pier, but I think I would get charged for recovery and environmental fees for the leaks. Did I mention my former mechanic buddy??

21st May 2008, 13:28

Wow!...I came to this site with hopes of getting some good insight on the Venture. I have a 1999 I got for a good deal; only 29,000 miles on it, super clean and rides great. But I noticed over the winter, when I used the wipers, they wanted to stay in the upright position; now they won't go down and it just annoys me. I had never paid much attention to the van, but it seems as if when I purchased mine, that's all I see on the road now. And on quite a few of them, the wipers are stuck in the upright position also; strange!

17th Jun 2008, 16:27

I have a 1999 Venture van with 250,000km on it. It has had the intake gaskets replaced etc. Overall we have been okay with this vehicle until recently. In the past 6months the rear window wiper stopped working, the water pump failed, the ABS sensor in the right front hub failed, the door locks no longer work properly, the tranny shifts rough, the water pump began leaking, the feed lines for the tranny failed leaving us stranded, and the brake lines had to be replaced. Perhaps this vehicle is well past it's expected life span.

11th Aug 2008, 22:18

I am amazed at the people who buy a vehicle with over 100,000 miles on their vehicles and then get upset when they need to make repairs. There is a reason you are getting a vehicle priced $25000 less than a new one - it is old.

18th Sep 2008, 23:32

We bought a 1998 Venture Van, absolutely mint condition, full load, what an impressive van, FOR THREE MONTHS.

The interior light doesn't work, and I'm convinced they never will, the wiper motor on the back is kaput!

Today we had a 150k drive, well, we noticed, massive amounts of oil, spewing all over the back window, we looked underneath, and the under carriage was soaked on tranny fluid, that's when we noticed the fluid pouring out from it.

Took it to tranny shop, quoted $2800.00!! WTF? The tranny still works fine, shifts fine, but there is this slight sound like two peices of thin metal rubbing together, and it leaks like crazy. OFFERS?? LOL...

27th Nov 2008, 17:28

Welcome to chevy venture land.

7th Feb 2009, 17:30

Does anyone have an answer on the hard shift problem? Is it a solenoid? I too am a proud owner of a 99 Venture with 150,000 on it!

10th Feb 2009, 14:25

Have owned a 2000 Chev Venture for the past five years; terrible vehicle.

The interior and backup lights have never worked, the door locks don't work and now the driver and passenger side front windows won't go up or down. Gas gas is wonky.

Had to replace the intake manifold gasket and then the transmission went out of it. Severe rust and rotting problems along the bottom of the van behind both front wheels and the paint is beginning to peel on the hood. The latch on the back hatch is starting to go, along with the front struts and mounts...

All of this and the van has less than 150,000kms. Piece of junk.

18th Mar 2009, 22:54

I have a 99 Venture bought used at 65000 miles.

I have replaced the wiring harness, 600.00 to get my lights to work again.

My windows do not work - well they go down but not up anymore.

Door switches don't work.

Rear windshield wiper does not work.

A/C works but does not get cold enough.

My van cannot go over 55 - if you do, all of a sudden you put your foot on the gas and it does not go - so you have to pull over and shut the car off for a minute, and then it is fine. And if you have the heat on, you can count on it doing that at 45.

My airbag light goes on sometimes, the radio lights don't work, lighter does not work, cruise control is weird, races the engine.

My check engine light goes on and off all the time. The worst vehicle I ever owned.


24th Mar 2009, 21:42

I own a 99 Chevy Venture that had the gaskets replaced at my expense just after the warranty was expired! It too has the fuel gauge problem. I never know how much gas is in the tank. The rear wiper still works but makes a terrible noise for the past 6 years. The rocker panels are badly rusted to the point I am not able to jack the vehicle to replace a flat rear tire. My lights for the seat belts and airbags are on most of the time. A rear wheel bearing needed to be replaced and since it was the entire hub assembly it cost a fortune. I only hope Chevy has learned and corrected these chronic problems in their newer vehicles. I will give Chevy one last chance if they are still around in a couple years when I am in the market for a new vehicle.