22nd Jul 2005, 08:18

There's nothing wrong with my 2004 Venture LS AT so far, even though 55,000 miles is registered in the odometer.

The ride is quite comfy, and it's quite easy to drive.

My biggest gripes so far are the nasty fuel mileage and the somewhat unrefined engine.

The Venture has MUCH less power and has a smaller displacement than the Expedition. And when I revved it up to around 3,000rpm, I have to wait a second or two for the acceleration, and when it comes, it feels like I've been bumped by a Semi from the rear- it surges forward!


The Venture's 12-valve V6 engine's fuel mileage is 5km/L or 20MPG, while the Expedition's bigger 16-valve V8 engine's fuel mileage is 4.5km/L, both in full city driving.

Both have 100-liter tanks though.

27th Aug 2005, 11:58

Yes - after getting a google of info, pro and con, I decided to get an 2005 Venture LT. Sticker 32,500 bought for 20,800 with 3k off with GM card. With all the features, couldn't touch a USED 2004 Odyssey for that price. I'm well aware of the quality issues, but - so far we've take trips all over the east and midwest - have about 10,000 miles in 6 mos. trouble-free and very comfortable. DVD/ and sat radio rocks, only can't play both at the same time, because kids are too small for the head phones. My understanding is that gasket issue is fixed - new material. FWIW - I really did NOT want to buy American, but so far OK. Talk to me in three years, though...

Update : 2 years and month later we've got 42K miles on the clock -trouble free, mostly. Both front wheel bearing went bad but replaced under warranty. We've driven this thing all over the country. This van is so uncool (my friends laugh), but so comfortable and convenient for long trips with the kiddos. Very good mileage for something so big. I'm happy with it.

13th Aug 2006, 09:53

I have a 2004 Venture extended. Bought it new, have had it over 2 1/2 years. It has been really great. Only thing it has been back to the dealer for is a broken seat belt clip and regular maintenance. We just did a cross country drive and got about 25 mpg. The cargo area is huge. We have 8 passenger seating (with 3 buckets in the middle row). This feature has been extremely handy. The middle buckets fold and flip forward giving great access to the back row of seats. I was apprehensive about getting a minivan, but I have been totally pleased with this one.

16th Mar 2007, 08:13

I bought a LS venture van as a program car. Started at 23,00 and now have over 68,000 on it with no problems. It has been a very versatile van. I can pull a small untility trailer with it, haul my 8 grand children or load it up with camping gear. It has been great to travel with. So far I am very satisfied with it.

28th Dec 2007, 18:31

After researching the world of minivans and considering our financial situation, we bought a used 2004 Chevy Venture (64,000 miles). I am surprised and ecstatic over the performance of this vehicle. It has satisfactory power for acceleration and passing, my last vehicle was a sports car and this one issue was one of my main concerns for a minivan. As a short person, I find this vehicle very comfortable to drive and I can see very well. My husband who is 6' says that he wishes there was more leg room, but he is able to drive it with satisfactory comfort. I do wish that there was more storage for things such as coins, pens, keys, etc. as there is no center console, but this matter was easily rectified by purchasing a small plastic inexpensive office organizer and placing it on the floor between the seats. Our van gets about 24-25 miles/g. We love the versatility, roominess, and options that accompany our vehicle. We are very pleased with our choice.