15th Oct 2005, 15:57

I also have a 99" Chevy venture with similar problems. I have been able to fix these issues myself without having to pay a dealer. I found most engine troubles due to the orange antifreeze and intake gaskets. My wife drove on a 200 mile trip with so much antifreeze in the oil the lifters collapsed. I flushed the engine oil 3 times and used oil additives and finally the lifters quit making noise. I then replaced the intake gaskets which was allowing the antifreeze to enter the oil system. That was 30,000 miles ago and have not had an engine problem since. The tranny is now starting to shift hard due to solenoid and sensor problems. I can't believe how good of gas mileage it gets, often times 27-29mpg at 65mph. and 22-23 city. I would never spend the money on a new venture, however this has been a good used vehicle investment. I like how it rides, drives, ands it's economy.

23rd Oct 2005, 12:49

Oct.23, 2005 We own a 1999 venture, and love it. I guess we got lucky and got a good one. I am 50 years old, and out of many vehicles owned, I would have to say it was the most comfortable, the best running, and the smoothest to handle. It has almost 150,000 miles, and is just now started showing its wear. The only problems have been, the left headlight collects moisture and goes out often, the fuel sensor has been out since we bought it. (we bought it used, and the dealer conveniently forgot to mention it, of course.), and the lifters have a little tapping, (probably oil additives will take care of.) I'm afraid if I trade it in, the next vehicle will be a dud, as I have had even with new vehicles, so I want to keep it, and restore it as needed. Over all, I would say it has been a good, reliable vehicle, (knock on wood.)

3rd Nov 2005, 19:27

Well, well, well, what can I say except that I wish I could turn back the clock and buy a different vehicle. I have been on various sites reading comments and questions trying to figure out why my gas gauge doesn't work, my electrical system is going crazy, my driver side window won't roll up, my rear tail lights went bonkers, my radio turns up and down at random and all the other issues I'm currently dealing with. Not to mention the fact that I already paid lots of money to replace all the gaskets because of the dreaded orange coolant. I'm so disappointed in this vehicle I could cry. I did research, I thought I was buying a great car and it's been nothing but heartache. Shame on Chevy for allowing this vehicle to stay on the streets.

22nd Dec 2005, 10:20

...and another upset customer of the 99 Venture Van! my problems started the day I purchased it used. The airbag and rad light on the dash was on, the GM dealership said that it was just sensors and not too worry... the airbag would still work and the coolant level was fine! Second, was the front end steering something to do with the bearings cost $1200.00, then the intake manifold $500.00. The rear wiper motor is seized and now, just a couple days ago my front wipers don't work! plus I've always experienced a little rough changing of gears...it's like it's missing a gear? Regardless of the outcome of my problems, I would never, ever purchase another GM vehicle because of my issues with the Venture. I know there is probably a couple good GM vehicles out there... but they lost me as a future customer.

29th Mar 2006, 11:21

I have a 2000 Venture and have had good luck so far. I have had some of the problems I have read of here in the forum like the hard shifting, high running temps, and an issue with Co2 sensors failing. I have periodic problems with the power sliding door and the engine heats up quickly if I sit idle for too long. (Drive through) Overall I am happy with its performance, handling, comfort, and use. I have three small children and I love the captains chairs as it's separates potentially argumentative kids. I love the gas mileage! Even though it costs me $60.00 to fill up the tank, I like that fact the range meter reads 625 miles... I average 25 miles to the gallon. That's reminds me of another problem... when the fuel gets low the gas gauge seems to act eratically. It seems the measuring element (float?) goes "nuts". I have never allowed the fuel to get so low that the fuel light comes on so I can't say the "Range" meter is entirely accurate.

I think this vehicle has some great attributes, but I do find the best approach is to "baby" it's upkeep. I am fortunate to be a service manager so I have the luxury of a shop to do little "TLC" things frequently. Overall I am happy and I hope to have this van long forward of it's current 97,000 miles.

19th Apr 2006, 21:46

I'm eighteen, and recently (December of 05) purchased a 2000 Venture from a local dealer (I'm in Canada)... The day I test-drove it,...it died in my driveway, a tow truck was needed to bring it back to the dealer to have them find the problem... (apparently it was a bad battery cell; so they replaced the battery)... I waited 2 weeks until I could pick it up (insurance payments... etc needed to be done). I picked it up on Dec 23, and was on my way to work; when, again - it died!!! I called the dealer back - he called a tow truck, and he (himself) picked me up; and brought me to the dealer to give me a loaner car (05 Dodge SX 2.0 (lovely car) ). They then again determined the problem was with the fuel injectors; so they "replaced" those as well...

All was well until Jan of 06; when my headlights were pulsating (flickering almost)...so again, I took it back, they determined it was the altenator (sp?), and replaced that... it worked fine until the end of Feb. I would turn the air on (not on defrost), and the front end would make an awful noise; almost like metal on metal; I let that slide, we sprayed the belt with dressing and it seemed to take care of the problem... but it came back and was 10 times worse... Last week, I had it in to be serviced; they found a hole in the air compressor; so they replaced the whole compressor.

This is my first vehicle, and I didn't know it was such a pain to own one.

As with all the comments (well the majority) that I have read; it seems that they have a problem with the air-bag lights going on,... my van hasn't been tapped/hit, etc... nothing has happened to it, I brought it back from the dealer last week, and now my air bag light is on- but there are the odd days when it is not.

It's a beautiful van, but... why so much pain! All mine needs is a new body and it will be brand new.