21st Mar 2021, 21:21

I didn't write the comment in question, but again I myself have towed many off road vehicles including Jeeps in the FL Everglades. Anything that I couldn't drive my wrecker through, I used a winch to get them out.

But what do I know? I only did it for a living for over a decade. I can't believe there are still comments in denial about this.

22nd Mar 2021, 21:07

The argument on this thread was that Jeeps aren’t the gold standard of off-road vehicles. The “proof” to combat that claim was showing a Jeep in a mud pit which looked like quicksand. That was a situation NO vehicle could get through. Thus, that proof falls flat on its face. Show any other vehicle going through that mud pit, then I’ll listen. Otherwise, it was never proven that something was superior to a Jeep & could do things a Jeep couldn’t. You towing Jeeps also doesn’t prove that. Were you towing Jeeps from places that Suzukis or Subarus were cruising through without issue? No. So, that doesn’t prove the Jeep’s inferiority either.

23rd Mar 2021, 12:06

Have a winch on our Rubicon; have not used it. You can load these up and add more aftermarket to have a pretty luxurious 4x4. If there’s any shop time you simply drive another car that day. It’s fun. Get a lot of thumbs up. Especially all black.

23rd Mar 2021, 18:33

You are so right. No matter what the circumstances are a Jeep will never need to be towed. And it's living proof just because you say so. Guess we can all move on now.

23rd Mar 2021, 20:31

Yeah, thumbs up probably from other Jeep drivers. A black Wrangler with a Rubicon package? Whoop de doo! Dime a dozen, you see them everywhere.

23rd Mar 2021, 22:13

And what proof do you have that a Jeep has better off road capabilities compared to other heavy duty (not rinky-dink AWD Subarus and Rav 4s) 4x4s such as a Hummer, Bronco or even Ford Super Duty pick ups with upgraded wheels? That's right, none.

All of your past comments praising a Jeep and saying they are the off-road king is only your opinion.

24th Mar 2021, 19:41

I use our black loaded Rubicon on the street. Can dress up and go out in it. A really cool, different vehicle. Supercharged. Take to shows. Done with trail riding motorcycles. Who needs to prove anything to you? It’s about having fun with vehicles you have. I heard a comment once that the best off road vehicle in the world is a company car. Not yours. Another 3 years you get a fresh one!

24th Mar 2021, 21:13

I can see that. Dime a dozen meaning they are everywhere you look. I see tons of Jeeps on the road every day. Not because they are reliable, but it seems that they attract a certain variety age group, mostly as an egotistical image. I can almost guarantee that 90% of them are not used for the off road purposes they are meant for. Definitely not smooth riding luxury vehicles like some people on here are trying to claim.

24th Mar 2021, 21:33

When people think off roading, they think Jeeps, not any of the vehicles you mentioned. Enough said.

25th Mar 2021, 17:07

What has happened to this site... 33 recent views on the chevy volt... just not the same any more and that's sad...

25th Mar 2021, 19:39

Mainly because the Rubicon guy had to recommend a Jeep to the reviewer. Totally unrelated vehicle when they are in the market for electric.

25th Mar 2021, 19:40

Other than asserting Jeeps aren’t reliable and acting like you know more about Jeep reliability than owners in this thread, I see no evidence provided so far to back up your claims about reliability.

25th Mar 2021, 19:53

I think the Volt guy ruffled quite a few feathers as he has done in the past in other posts. To me the new Jeep community is wasting their time. They are really great to own, have a lot of fun and enjoy. If repairs once in a while bothers him you will get over it. Let him spend his money on his cars. This Volt is nearly a decade old. His pick up at least 25 years old. Leave the new stuff to us. Now back to the Chevrolet Volt.

25th Mar 2021, 23:56

So now you speak for other people? Maybe you're right. Maybe other people see the vehicles that I mentioned as luxury models. Just like comment 12:06 March 23rd with their "luxurious" Rubicon.

26th Mar 2021, 02:03

Not even reviews on the Volt LOL.

26th Mar 2021, 02:05

In response to this comment, if this site wants to be serious about what it claims to be, then stop allowing all this bickering.

26th Mar 2021, 17:14

steven@carsurvey.org here:

I'm going to bring this to an end. And yes, I should have done so sooner, so apologies for that. It's sometimes tough to judge when a discussion is doomed to only go downhill, but I should have intervened a few days ago.

Steven Jackson (site admin)