2013 Chrysler 200 Touring 2.4L from North America


Not a race car, but a nice work car and grocery getter


So far the car only has the driver's door opening handle peel the chrome coating.

General Comments:

I like the car. It's not a street racer, but a drive to work and the store car. It's not the best powered car on the market with the 4 cylinder engine. I've drove a 6 cylinder version and liked the power, but couldn't keep from driving it with my foot all the way down, so I bought a 4 cylinder version.

I test drove a couple of rental car returns, and think they must leave the sound insulation out of those cars. I ended up buying a model year left over car new for less than the rental return cars were selling for. I've been very happy. The door openings are much larger and the car sits a bit higher than many others. I drive a lot of full size rental cars. If there isn't a Chevy Impala, this is the car I choose. And I only like the Impala because of the 300+ HP engine. Some cars are faster or have more trinkets, but it has a nice ride for a smaller car and I know where all the buttons are.

I had an older Deville before this, but my last long term car was a 07 Pontiac G6. Both the 200 and G6 had very few problems. The 200 does ride quieter, and gets a little better fuel mileage. I had a 4 cylinder version of the G6 for 5 years, and sold to my step daughter who is still driving it 3 years later.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2015

8th Feb 2016, 00:35

Original reviewer back. The car is now at 20,500 miles. Finally had to have warranty work completed on the car for the door handle and handling issues. I found out the car on winter roads and weight in the back seat or trunk, the car gets very unstable. Searched the web and found the alignment can be the problem as the rear is not following the front. Chrysler is such a great company that they even let me pay for the alignment. And another $20 to rotate the tires so the tread depths were matched up from the poor wear patterns caused by the misalignment. I'm missing why they advertise a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty when they don't cover anything. Needless to say Chrysler has irritated me.

16th Feb 2016, 04:43

Warranties offered by dealers in general are scams. They only cover specific things that usually won't cost a lot to repair on their end. The idea isn't to save you money at all, but rather to get you into the habit of taking your car to the dealership to get it fixed for everything, where they'll charge you well above any regular shop. A lot of people fall for these warranty deals and find out too late that those things aren't nearly as useful as they think they are.

16th Feb 2016, 18:35

That wasn't the warranty offered by the dealer - that was the Chrysler warranty.

18th Feb 2016, 05:22

You are correct, it's Chrysler's warranty and not the dealers. But the dealer gets paid for doing the warranty work. So I'm missing the point you are trying to make. I get to return there Friday to get the hood emblem installed. That they cover under warranty. They want the car to look good, not ride good.

2012 Chrysler 200 Touring Convertible from North America




Nothing has gone wrong with the car so far, but I've only had it for 8 months.

General Comments:

Very good pick up; you can actually squeal the tires. I actually had to change the way that I accelerate to avoid squealing the tires when starting from a stopped position. Nice controls.

We have the basic Touring model, but with the optional larger engine, larger wheels, and stainless exhaust tip. These were the only options. Hard to believe, but this car did not come with standard Bluetooth. Also, the Touring does not come with standard lighted vanity mirrors -- this came as a surprise, as we never thought to look for this before buying.

Very good gas mileage, especially considering that this is a pretty large car as far as the outside dimensions go. It's a foot longer than our 2012 Jeep Liberty, and also wider.

Another complaint would be the part of the roof that has the sun visors. It's wide, and situated so that when you're stopped at a red light, you have to awkwardly bend down to see when it turns green. I am a very average 6 feet tall, so it's not because I'm too tall. If you don't bend down/over to look, you can't see the light.

The trunk is huge *IF* you have the top up. With the top down, the trunk is tiny and you'd be lucky to squeeze in a week's worth of groceries. Forget about taking this car on a long trip with more than yourself and one other, because you'll need to put your luggage in the back seat if you plan to ever take the top down. I suppose this is true for most all convertibles, however, so I don't hold this against Chrysler, and most people already realize the trunk space issue when buying a convertible anyway.

It's amazing to see the top go up and down, even after seeing it happen dozens of times now. That part, along with the LED headlights, are works of art. Although I've never driven this car faster than maybe 75 mph, I'm sure it could easily go faster than 100 mph -- it feels like it has that much power. I haven't ever come close to putting my foot all the way to the floor.

This is a fun car, and I'd buy it again with no regrets.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2012

29th Dec 2012, 15:27

Do you have the steel convertible top? That would explain the lack of trunk space for most newer convertibles.

My 2001 Sebring has a rather huge trunk. Top up or down, as did my Saab 9-3 convertible - both soft-tops.

30th Dec 2012, 17:28

I have just the standard (black) cloth top. The Chrysler convertibles from 2008 forward (Sebring 2008-10, and 200 2011 until now) have a different type of roof, I'm guessing. Both the metal and the cloth tops have a complicated (yet fascinating) mechanism to put the top up and down. The trunk lid lifts up 'backwards', and the top ends up folded down into the trunk, taking up about 75% of the space. Then, the trunk lid folds back down, and you're good to go. It looks like something from a science fiction movie when you see it in action, and also looks like a lot could go wrong or get broken too (knock on wood).

I did get the extended warranty, because it's not too hard to imagine some expensive problem with the roof a few years down the road.

1st Jan 2013, 11:44

For what it is worth, my Saab 9-3 had a similar system & never broke down.