4th Jul 2014, 18:14

This is a fairly heavy vehicle, and 31 MPG combined isn't really all that awful given the size of your car. Also tires are generally a compromise on virtually every new car. Personally, I wouldn't condemn a car for those reasons.

12th Mar 2015, 16:30

Original poster update.

After 2 years of ownership, the aluminum engine hood had to be replaced because of corrosion. It was under warranty. The crank positioning sensor has also been replaced.

We changed to a smaller rim size and higher profile tires. It handles much better on rough roads, but still has a very bad rear end bounce and sway issue that only intensifies with extra weight in the rear of the car. These cars should be recalled because of this issue. Very unsafe for inexperienced drivers. Some people have had their whole rear suspension replaced by Chrysler.

We now have 90,000km, and will get rid of it in 2 years.

18th Feb 2016, 05:28

I wrote one of the other reviews for the 200, and agree the stability issue on wet, uneven and snowy roads is criminal. It needs handled. Try getting a 4-wheel alignment and see if it helps. I haven't had the problem since getting the car aligned, but haven't driven on snowy roads with lots of stuff in the trunk either.

13th Apr 2016, 21:19

Original Poster. We have since traded in the 2011 on a used 2014, and this newer 200 doesn't have the rear end jump effect, even though it is the same model style. So I looked at the rear end suspension and it looks as though changes were made. Handles much better in all road conditions. A lot more stable on road bumps.

22nd Oct 2016, 05:05

I still have the 2013 200 in the other review. Just this week I had 2 people sitting in the rear seat going to lunch down town and they commented they were going to hurt from getting slammed around into each other. Since the review the value of the car has dropped so fast I'm still 3,000 backwards on the loan, but I'm still thinking of a way to get rid of it.