2nd Apr 2016, 04:14

Unfortunately a Taurus is anything but reliable.

24th Jul 2016, 16:23

We owned a 2002 Taurus SES, NEW, not one problem. 200,000 miles.

14th Jul 2019, 18:48

I've had 2 Taurus. My current one is an '06 SEL. It has 268k miles on it (I purchased it with 35k on it and am the 2nd owner), and it has been (and still is!) the most reliable car I have ever owned. Many years ago I had to replace front left wheel bearing, and just one year ago the power steering pump was dripping and had to be replaced. Other than these 2 repairs, I've never had to do anything to it but change the oil/filter and put gas in it!

15th Jul 2019, 21:57

What about tires and brakes?

8th Mar 2021, 17:15

I only changed tires once for winter (in 2014), all-seasons were no good here, then I purchased bigger wheels and tires for summer (in 2015). In July 2020 at around 168,000KM I got rid of the car. Still had both sets of tires in good condition. Brakes I had only changed at around 100,000KM, I think the rear ones were a bit later. The brakes were still in great condition when I traded it in.

8th Mar 2021, 17:24


The main issue with the car over the years was the on-going suspension problems (always something going); everything got fixed as it went and Moog parts were finally used as well.

It was all good until the engine suddenly started misfiring on a couple cylinders and it was getting low compression - that's when I traded the car in... July 2020 at around 168,000KM. I had done all regular maintenance over the years (coolant, spark plugs etc) and oil changes on time, but unfortunately Chrysler engines and transmissions aren't always the best, as we know. This car was taken care of way better than the prior vehicles we had. All of the "junky" cars owned prior to the Chrysler still had good engines and transmissions when we got rid of them, and they lasted longer. Too bad as the Chrysler was a nice car for the 9 years I drove it. RIP 300.

9th Mar 2021, 18:00

Same as my Magnum... could keep up with suspension problems. Engine and tranny held up well. Nice car, but let it go at 210000 km.