1976 Chrysler Charger CL 256 4.3L Hemi from Australia and New Zealand


Powerful Aussie Icon


Shortly after buying the car we noticed a few problems, most of these due to the rough treatment by the previous owner.

Alternator was wired up wrong, causing the battery to boil.

Indicators/Headlights sometimes didn't work.

After pulling the front apart to get to the headlights we discovered a lot of mud behind the lights, previous owner had obviously smashed the car into an embankment.

Cassette player didn't work (previous owner had installed a CD player, may not have re-installed the cassette player properly)

Doesn't like cold mornings.

General Comments:

After all the little niggles were sorted out (only a few hundred dollars) The car has been running almost perfectly, only one problem is idling.

Recently I have had to pull over to the side of the road to re-adjust the idle screw/spring. After carefuly adjusting it at home, the motor now works fine and doesn't miss a beat.

The car is in exceptional condition for a 30 year old car, if your looking at buying a 30 year old car, and not expecting any problems, you had better have deep pockets.

The charger is one of the most powerful Australian made cars, ever. Once you put your foot down, the tail drops down and the powerful Hemi roars to life. Quick off the line and once you go past about 3000rpm, you can start to hear, and feel the real power.

Even though I have only owned this car for about 9 months, all of those months have been incredible fun.

I have given the Charger a lower score in the upkeep and costs area because of its fuel economy, and said no to purchasing another car from the manufacturer because new chryslers aren't what they used to be.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

13th Jun 2006, 09:37

I own a 1977 CL Charger 318 V8 auto. I'm the second owner and it has 132,256 kms on the clock. It runs very well, but is very thirsty. Small price to pay for such a good car which I have owned for the past 8 years. Larry Maguire, Qld.

13th Jun 2007, 23:11

I own a CL 318 which I've had since 1979. Auto - Stellar blue - simmons wheel with 98,000 original on the clock. This mainly due to it not being driven very much at all for 15 years and is in mint condition. Albert Sabadin S.A

21st Mar 2008, 08:13

Top cars in the looks department & bullet proof mechanicals, but pity about the panel fatigue - they rust very badly!!

Worst places is the sills, boot floor & front windscreen.

1972 Chrysler Charger VH E44 318 cu in from UK and Ireland


The car with the valiant heart


The fuel gauge did not work. We carried 2 fuel cans in the boot, and just reckoned the gas usage. 318 cu in V8 is 5.2 litres, fed with a twin choke carter carb, and 19 mpg was the average consumption.

3 speed auto box shifter lever broke off, soon repaired with a MIG welder.

General Comments:

Insert the ignition key, turn,and the motor would kick up, exhaust gases exit the headers (manifold), then after passing along 2 straight pipes, 3 inches in diameter, they would escape into the atmosphere, but not before they had passed through twin Cherrybombs first. Select drive on the trans, and the exhaust note deepens. All this in a multi-storey car park.

One day on a mid level with the car backed up against a concrete wall. Then drive away, to pay as you leave. Nobody else in that car park moved, they all heard it start, then when it came into view, round the down ramp. What a sight, a bright red, big Mopar.

Easy to find, I had the only one, out of the hundreds of cars parked there. A real head turner. More than that, people will walk over to you and say so!!! Every trip out was fun, what a car it is.

Ours was an entry level model, only basic trim. No comparison to British Chryslers. Not to be confused with the real cars they made in the U.S. and Australia.

This is just an intro to the model, check them out on the net, the 265 Hemi with the six pack was the hot one. Rare in the U.K.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004

9th Oct 2004, 22:40

The car is a Chrysler Valiant Charger VH, so look under Valiant Chryslers for more reviews on the same type of car. Editor, a request, why not put them all together under the same list?

2nd Oct 2007, 14:08

This is a nice car so I want6 this car.

14th Apr 2023, 14:17

I too am a bit confused by some car listings here and the manufacturer's nomenclature of cars, I thought the only Charger was a Dodge. Same with the Viper.

14th Apr 2023, 20:18

Same until I looked it up. The Chrysler Valiant Charger was introduced by Chrysler Australia in 1971.

14th Apr 2023, 23:16

Where else on here do you see the Viper model other than being reviewed as a Dodge?

15th Apr 2023, 15:25

Maybe not on here, but I do remember people saying and hearing on car TV programmes back in the day "Chrysler Viper" as well as Dodge.