1971 Chrysler Charger VH 4.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Very easy to make it a neck snapping car


Distributor gear blew at high revs when I was burning rubber.

The diff blew also due to excessive burnouts.

General Comments:

The motor I have installed is not a standard 265 Hemi.

This explains why the motor still runs, but the blown factory components had to be changed.

Very comfortable seats.

The police once pulled me over, not for an offence or an unroadworthy, but simply wanted to enjoy the sight of my car up close.

Believe it or not, they then actually told me to 'give it a bit of stick' when I take-off.

Ford's 351 may be a quick motor even when worked on, but I wouldn't under estimate the power of a worked 265.

Back in the 70's there was a Repco Charger made for the race tracks. This car had a fuel injected 5 litre V8, which produced 500hp (370kw), and a 5 speed gear box, we're talking the year 1973 people. I have never heard of this car until it appeared in Australian Muscle Car magazine October 2002. Check it out if you don't believe me.

The Charger is a sports car, short wheelbase, wide track dimensions, built in spoiler, 2 door coupe, and light weight.

What's the Falcon? It's a family car with plastic bits bolted on, so it must be a sports car. If Ford can build the motor, they sure should have built the car to go with it.

I have also recently found out that Ford calculates kilowatts differently to Holden. Can't exactly remember which magazine I was reading it in, either Motor or Wheels magazine, it had the current model GT and R8 on the cover (I was reading it at news agency, hey who doesn't), but my point is Ford has 10kw less than what they say the car has got. So the new GT has not got 290kw if you had to measure it the way Holden does, it would only have 280kw.

Just a little bit of information.

I'm a Chrysler man all the way, oh by the way when I see a nice muscle car drive past I notice no one does anything, but look at it. If you are in a Charger you always, and I mean ALWAYS, get the 2 finger (peace) salute.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2004

10th Sep 2004, 19:49

I have owned 2 chargers and 3 Valiants. My last one was a VH XL 265 auto. The motor was reconditioned, with extractors, electronic ignition, holley 4 barrel and alloy manifold. Yes they are Nostalgic, but they are what they are, old, heavy low tech fuel guzzlers. I lost count of the money I poured into my charger just top keep it on the road. Lets face it they are 30 year old cars and everything is worn out. Cars back then were only designed to last 10 years max. To tell you the truth the 265 didn't even really have much power for such a large 6. A commodore V6 would blow it away. I'm glad to see the last of my Chryslers.