22nd Sep 2004, 00:24

What car have you got now? The time spent with a VH charger in England, U.K. was quite an experience. It had enough performance, even though it was "only" a 318 cu in v8 auto. {5.2 litres} the car even fitted in the domestic garage at home. No electronic anything on these cars, basic equipment, Remembering that thease are now over 30 years old. They are run now mostly as hobby cars. Retro engineering abounds in most areas of classic cars,to improve them. Enjoy them for what they are, mopar missiles, with the styling to match. magic.

26th Jul 2006, 10:59

I own a 1977 CL Charger 770 powered by a 318 V8 with auto transmission. I bought it 8 plus years ago with 103,000 kms on the clock. It now has only 132,450 kms on it. I am the second owner. It is a great car and a treat to drive. It is my toy. Let's see the Japanese make a better one of these.

8th Nov 2006, 04:59

Sorry to disapoint those who think that the old Hemi is not that powerful. Dynoed my old E49 spec engine in my VH sedan and guess what, 235kw at the rear wheels- good for low 13's. Too bad, hey. Sorry to burst your bubble. The Commodore/ Buick V6 doesn't have the design to make that sort of power reliably and unassisted. Of course you could modify that motor so it became a right screamer, but odds are that it will go pop. The engine block can handle only so much stress without bracing.

A friend of mine had a turbo charged EFI 4.3L hemi, and it was a scary machine to ride in. I don't recall the stats of this car, 1/4 mile times or HP, but they were somewhat surprising.

Note: Please research things before making your opinion known and bagging a very respected engine.

4th Aug 2016, 13:28

I have had a drag with my CM Regal 265 e34 motor with extractors and exhaust with both a CL Charger and VP Commodore. The Charger got off the line best. Close contest between the 3 of them. The CM was pulling ahead of the Charger at 110km/h as the e34 motor, as distinct to the standard e33, was better up top.

I now have a VS V6 4 speed auto Commodore wagon with extractors, exhaust and cold air intake, and it would blow a 3 speed auto Chrysler out of the water. Perhaps a 4 speed CM with extractors and exhaust would be a closer match. With a big carbie like a 625 Carter, it could be a close call. Thought I would put my 20 cents worth in.

4th Aug 2016, 13:35

I do agree with you. I had a 265 with extractors and exhaust. Had a big carbie on it once and the car would run high 14s across a quarter. My VS Commodore has similar mods and is nearly as quick. The Commodore can be induced to go quick, but the hemi is easier to get to go quick. I have driven a 318 cop car that did 14.7 in 1977 stock! Saw the drag strip printout.

15th Jun 2022, 09:46

Sorry, must disagree. If you're talking about the VL Commodore, the poor body design led to air locks forming in the cooling system due to incorrect radiator height, causing overheating and the alloy head to crack.

If it is the VN, when it came out the tired 1962 Buick design needed fuel injection to give it a kick (not saying it didn't go, but the low overall auto first gear and light body were also needed), the thermostat was annoyingly squashed at the BACK of the motor (thankfully the heads were iron) where it was an absolute pain in the neck to replace, and the thing was exceptionally sensitive to lack of oil changes by owners (such as by my non-mechanical mate). His wife 'had a rod come through the block' driving it along the freeway because of this. I didn't believe it, so went to take a look at the block in the shop, and there was a hole on each side! Second gear band also broke in it (at less than 170,000 km), and he drove it around like that till he traded it in.

Thanks, I'll take my chances with my well-maintained CL 265 Regal.

At the request of another friend I helped him fit a '500' Holley carburettor, extractors and a two-inch exhaust system to his standard 4.3-litre automatic VK Charger 'White Knight' special, which in my mind was already a powerful car. As I wore the glasses, he left the tuning to me. It was frightening to see the difference a little backyard tinkering with carburetion and timing made to such a basic engine. From a standing start it just threw itself down the road. I will forever feel guilty for my part, after he subsequently wrote this beautiful car off. The only things that went wrong with it was the ubiquitous Valiant timing chain tinkle that could be heard when idling and the windows needing wooden wedges to stop them falling down (laughs).

It is ridiculous to compare cars built 20 years after a model, just like it would be ridiculous to compare the 1980s Commodores with cars built 20 years later.