13th Feb 2004, 19:37

I have no idea what country you people are from, but the concorde has auto heat control. Therefor it will turn on automatically.

21st Apr 2004, 09:13

Regarding "what planet you are on"... Auto heat control, has no bearing on this beast. My Concorde's system randomly engages heat - full blast for the duration of 90-percent of my commutes. Here in Michigan, the cabin temperature can be somewhat regulated during winter, or cool days, by opening the right two windows in tandem. This creates a favorable swirl that empties the cabin of the stifling heat. I have come to live with the heat as it keeps me humble. I am thankful I have not had many of the other problems that other owners have had regarding brakes and transmissions. I am also very appreciative when the system will suddenly "revive" and maintain temperature (usually after going over a bump in the road). When the system is down, none of the buttons for A/C & Heat function with all buttons glowing from behind and hot to the touch. I'm sure it is a short circuit somewhere, just not sure where. My only other thought is that the Concorde has been sucking down anti-freeze and this may be a default for the engine to kick on the heat to full blast so it can dissipate heat? Just a hunch.

7th Jun 2004, 17:56

I total agree with this whole panel, I have put more money into this car that what I gave for it. I, to have no air or heat and the fan blow continuous, very Hot air, so I pull the fuse on it. I have replaced the transmission, alternator, water pump, new battery, and tie rod ends and the front end still shakes real bad, plus the brake which squeak and I blame the Mechanic which I need to go and apologize to, also the oxygen sensor, I still probably need to replace the battery cable. I'm with the rest of this good people, I will not buy another Chrysler. I Love America made, but my friend has better result with Nissan Product..

31st Jul 2004, 08:04

I agree about heating, I just bought this car and it's really luxurious car, but heating switches on automatically on a random basis (max. heat / defrost), all oteher buttons are blocked; and it is really difficult to drive a car on max heat in summer. I still didn't find a tendency, will try to keep windows closed, maybe I could "trick" the climate control. Montreal, Canada.

7th Sep 2004, 20:29

I have the same issues as many of you. I also have a 1994 Concorde heater issue, brake ABS light always on, radio cutting out...

I was able to repair the heat issue though, I removed the unit and opened the box, inside you will see multiple solder joints. I touched all of these solder joints with a soldering iron and re-fused the joint. It now works perfect.

The radio.. I put in an aftermarket and wired it myself! Works great.

The ABS light... I have not yet found a solution.

11th Sep 2004, 14:08

I have a '94 Concorde with 122,000 miles. I am experiencing electrical problems which include the ABS and air bag light on constantly, no fan control or AC and power windows not working. I have checked all fuses and electrical connections that I can see, checked the battery connections and ground, and still have not been able to solve this problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

14th Nov 2004, 10:09

Purchased my '94 in 2003, with 102K miles. Got it cheap as a salvage title. Not nearly as many problems as I read about. The heat/air system works very well once you understand it. If too hot simply adjust the fan down or the temp down. Had a problem with one of the vents inside the system. It rattled when I turned it all off. I simply engage the auto after starting and voila, no problem. Having problem with the calipers rattling when I hit the slightest bump. Drives me nuts, but still safe. Excellent motor, excellent acceleration and I don't baby it. Solution to the ABS light staying on is: 1" piece of electricians tape over it. Voila, no light. Front end is a bit mushy, but "my" mechanic, not dealer's mechanics, says it's solid. It takes a beating and keeps on ticking as long as the oil is changed and the air filter is changed regularly, and I do mean regularly!!!3K to 4K miles. Even though hammered in the driver's door by a pick-up in 2002, everything works. Bit of wind noise in the driver's window, but tolerable. I'll drive it till it completely dies and trade it in on a new 300. Russ in Missouri.

18th Nov 2004, 14:05

I purchased a 1994 Concorde in 2003. The engine has been pretty good with little trouble. I have some of the same problems as the other comments. Occasionally, the temperature control unit shuts down/comes on by itself. The only way to stop it is to repeatedly hit all the buttons on the unit until it stops. The front drivers power seat is also broken. It shifts when turning the corner. Does anybody know if changing the water pump is a big job with this car?

Richard from Canada.

5th Feb 2005, 07:56

I bought a 1994 Concorde in August of 2004, paid $1200 cash with 178,000 miles. It runs and sounds great, but I too had problems. I had to change the plugs, oil, fuel pump, o2sensor, air filter, trans filter, oil sending unit, and water pump. After that it ran great, but the air cuts out. Now I'm having problems with the oil light popping on when I stop and can't figure out why. The oil pump is pumping good and no tapping in my motor. It still runs and sounds good, need struts all around though. The radio back speakers stop playing. But for $1200 I guess I can't complain.

30th Jul 2005, 14:58

I most say that I love my 94 Concorde as well, but it is comforting to read all of the entries and see that I am not the only one.

My ABS light has been on since we got it back in September of 04, with full checks before we bought it, it stayed on, but I can feel the ABS working if I test it.

Recently tho, my Air Bag light has been on and staying on. It concerned me highly, but so far so good. Also, the big thing that's freaking me out, is that the horn will give a short honk for no reason whatsoever. What the heck is that all about??? I just hope my car isn't falling apart!

Other than these few things, I have had no problems. The AC/Heater works perfectly... we have installed a CD player, and it works great... when we bought it it only had 83K miles, and it's back end is a little beat up (looks like a tree or something may have hit the back of it?) and the paint is a little funky on the trunk and the top of the car. We got it for 2500 and I can't help, but think it's a great car. It has definately got me from point A to point B!!!

15th Sep 2005, 10:13

C'mon, people! 90% of the problems I read here is pertaining to normal maintenance items or problems with stupid know nothing mechanics. 9% more on the fact that you've bought an old, high mileage vehicle, and 1% on the fact that there are factory defects that showed up 10 years after the vehicle was made.

Sell me all yours for $150, I'll keep in parts to drive one for the next 100 years.

I'll give Chrysler another A+ on making a long lasting, decent car.