26th Jul 2010, 07:39

To the comment above, many people have said that taking off the front console and re-soldering whatever needs to be re-soldered makes the heat problem stop.

It's actually kind of funny. I've got a 1994 3.5L with only 72,000 miles on her. She runs wonderfully. I do experience some of the issues listed here, mainly the heat problem. When it happens, I tell people that the car is possessed and just press a bunch of buttons until it stops. I assume this will one day stop working, but now I at least have an idea of how to fix it. It only seems to happen after it rains, it's very strange.

I'm having to replace the battery for the first time since I've had the car, I think the original battery might be still in the car but it gave up on me last night.

The driver side door lock also does not respond to the automatic unlock/lock function and must always be manually locked.

I don't know if it's sticky or what. Does anyone have any suggestions?

26th Oct 2011, 13:48

Just a note; you said you smell gas and bad mileage?

You insist flex fuel is perfectly fine in your car?

Even though you admit people say it will rot your gas lines, which would cause a fuel leak.

Hmmmmm, maybe I see where your fuel smell is coming from?

20th Feb 2012, 15:58

If you got the one with the 3.3L, you got a champ.

I have a 94 3.3. We have had it in the family since new. Only problems after 200,000; we replaced the alternator. The heat started blowing cold and haven't messed with it, since it's our back up, and we live in the south.

Also, for a whole summer, my truck was down, and this car pulled a 19ft V hull boat with a 150 on it to the lake every weekend!

Dang strong car, I can't kill it and I'm glad...

3rd Feb 2015, 01:49

I'm having the same problem; my heater, power windows and airbag light came on, and the heater and windows stopped working at the same time.

24th Apr 2016, 18:39

Can you show a picture of where you did this please?

19th May 2017, 22:54

Hi! I love your comment. I have a 93 with 190,000 miles and I think the car is amazing. My heater and air kicks on by itself. I cannot cut it off until the lights on the panel decide to show back up. It is blazing hot now and I cannot go through the summer with this. I don't think it is safe for both the heat and air to be on AT the same time. Cannot buy a new car right now. Just don't want to catch fire. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?

19th May 2017, 23:49

Hi, did you ever find the problem?